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The happiest thing
Hello, my name is Zhu Bowen, I am a pupil at Lang small Tianrun city primary school the first grade. In September 1st XX officially became a Lang small pupil, however, in this year’s memory, let me the most happy the most happy thing, than my fellow teachers praise “I am a foreign student, before coming to Lang small, I was in a kindergarten on the south the famous city, the city is well-known, but the fact is not the education of Jiangsu Province, the two or three line of the city, two city on the importance of education is essentially the difference, plus, because parents work long-term need to travel, usually to my learning is better than other supervision the parents of students, leading to the final result, my little basic knowledge of cohesion homework is not ideal. Became the first grade students, my whole semester on the first grade class is dragged down, the total score is up, the teacher said in class I didn’t understand, can’t keep up with the progress, the teacher is hard, and I learn more difficult. At that time, I was humbled, ashamed, so in class, take the initiative to speak, lack of confidence, always afraid of the wrong answer, afraid the classmate joke, afraid of the teacher criticized, so last semester quick, very not easy to wait until the winter vacation. I thought it would be easier, but my mother knew that my foundation was not strong enough. I persisted in reviewing the lessons I learned every day during the vacation, practicing writing, and arranging some related papers every day. Unconsciously, the vacation is over, back to school, beginning the new semester study. What makes me and the teacher happy is that although I am not the best student in the class, I have made great progress in the new semester, and I have been praised and encouraged by the teachers all the timeFitFlop bootsI am confident, relaxed and happy learning than ever more, but most make me happy, or each language teacher and math teacher’s classroom praise, this is my greatest motivation, I can speak up, also can take the initiative to speak, no inferiority. Here, I want to thank my teachers family, is the teacher’s patience and gentle, is a grandfather and parents have repeatedly taught me a little progress today, I must persevere, do make teachers and family proud of the good student and children! Zhu Bowen this article address: httTwo01Four FitFlop Luna CoffeeP:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowenZalando timberland\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Two0Five806Three777.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageThe happiest thing

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My Chinese dreamFitFlop sko udsalgMy Chinese dream is in my heart, dream is a dream world of virtual. But, in my dream, China this powerful nation is invincible. As a Chinese, as a dreamer, also has its own “ Chinese dream ”. In this dream, Chinese is this: the government, political parties to relax the restrictions on freedom of expression, encourage the free airing of views, humbly accept every citizen’s criticisms and suggestions, expand democracy at the grassroots level, continue to promote the ballot, truly ask government to the people, the people. At the same time, as citizens, every citizen can participate in politics, talk about the country, fully exercise their rights, be willing to make suggestions for the country and be happy to point out social injusticeFitFlops supertoneAnd put forward personal opinions, the citizens of the whole country has a high sense of ownership, the democratic concept of • • • • • • the dream China is this: no division and turmoil, no contradiction and conflict, the eastern sea, on both sides of the fishermen together for the harvest and the joy of cheering in Xinjiang; Turpan basin, theCaptivating Electra Strata BlackPeople sharing nature fruit; on the Tibetan Plateau, the Tibetan people together in the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, tell each other brothers in Beijing; — — the heart of the motherland, Five6 people laughing, hand in hand for the motherland have a joyous gathering, the future together • • • • • • in this dream, Chinese is this: whether it is surging river brook Creek, are clear; it is still a well-known mountains and rivers Ai Ling, all wearing green, vibrant; both the Ozawa pool, or shallow lakes are Lake, rippling, clear bottomed out. The city has such as the rural general green and fresh, although factories everywhere, but no towering chimneys, no black spots in the landscape does not exhaust; excessive modification of man, but &bull • • recover the original simplicity; • • • this is my dream China &rdquo & ldquo;! Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree17FiveFive9FourThreeFourThree80.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMy Chinese dream

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Mom, I love you

Mom, I love you, &ldquoFitFlop sko udsalgI love you ” the three simple words contain my love for my motherFitFlop ElectraWith gratitude. Today, I would like to use &ldquo, I love you ” three words to express my mother for more than ten years of parenting grace. I stood in the room, thinking how to say it, and when I plucked up my courage and walked up to my mother, I found my heart was beating so fast. Mom smiled and asked me, “&ldquo, what’s the matter?” ” I don’t know how to answer, the mind is very contradictory, say or not to say, in my mind thinking, when I looked up to see my smiling face, hurriedly shook his head, quickly ran back into the room and shut the door. I covered my heart and was afraid that it would jump out. I sat in the chair and thought of mother love for me for so many years; think of the mother to cook for me, &middot washing, · · · · ·; I don’t three simple words to say? So, I stood up, thinking about how to say, I can not help but practiced “ mother, all these years, you care about me, I don’t know how to repay, only to say that three not worth mentioning three words — — I love you. No, it’s disgusting. ” “ mum, I love you! No, it’s too easy. &rdquo just as I practiced again, the door was suddenly opened and my mother came in. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. And mother didn’t say anything, just holding me tight in my arms. Actually, I know Mom cries · · · &middoFitFlop Lulu saleT; · · then I realize that love is really simple, and it’s best to do it with your heart! I think a warm word, a slight action, can show love. Boys and girls, go ahead! Use your heart to thank your beloved parents! This article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Three1686Three7Three8Two.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMom, I love you

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Chinese dream, my dream
Chinese dream, my dream, a center of Gulou District, NanjingFitFlop sko udsalgPrimary school class 1Five Pack sheen open “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea”, I with a curious heart, and Book masters ride together Nautilus submarine. Began a legendary undersea journey. Go around the Pacific Ocean, India ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, met many rare sea animals and plants, and the cave, tunnel and site etc.. Let me know a lot about science, culture and geography, geology, especially the refraction of light, the classification of pearls, the construction of submarines…… These things have now become a reality, I admire the imagination of the author, but can not yet invented the light of the society, the future of the world, the science and the story, and create a magical underwater world. Nautilus captain is an enigma, his character is gloomy, knowledgeable. He can repay tens of billions of French bonds; see friends will die silent tears; will put millions of gold to the poor people will accept all the land; disgust; will pocket full of pearls for poor pearler; avoid humans, performed terrible revenge…… The captain had a deep-seated mistrust of mankind, and his heart was full of suffering, but a kind man. At the time of the Antarctic’s lack of oxygen, there was only a breath of air in the tanks of the diving suits, and they almost collapsed because of the lack of air. The captain did not take the last breath of air, but instead left the opportunity for survival to the professor. His actions moved me for the sake of other people’s lives. In the story tells us, in the science and technology for the benefit of mankind at the same time, but also should pay attention to prevent from being used, harm human own crisis behavior. We should take good care of seals, whales and other marine creatures, condemned the killing of over exploitation of the phenomenon. The contents of the book also tells us that nothing is impossible, only unexpected, only then have a certain scientific background, it may have come from reality or higher than the actual phenomenon, not just science fiction or fantasy. And even thinkFitFlops UK best priceNo image, no purpose, no direction, no progress. This article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Four677771ThreeThree0.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeGorgeous, Wrinkle, Up, Fitflop, Electra, Strata, Tiger, EyeFourFivenext pageChinese dream, my dream

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The Chinese Dream
I asked my father what his dream, he said I want to fly. I want to fly. I really want to open my wings, straight into the sky, where you want to go, fly freely, flying chic. I want to fly to all parts of the country to see, enjoy the bright and colorful earth Xiongzhou charm; I want to fly over the boundless green prairie, see green grass and horses; listen to the melodious sound and happy songs; I want to fly to the vast expanse of the sea; in the cool the sea breeze, accompanied by white seagull, feel the taste of the waves against the toes; I want to fly to the natural simplicity of the countryside, feel relaxed and happy atmosphere; I want to fly to the capital Beijing, Deng solemnly majestic TianFitFlop sko DanmarkGate, climb the Great Wall of great momentum, quietly listen to the old stone China tells the story of the past. I want to fly to every corner of the world, to understand the local customs, the basic necessities of life. I want to fly highSilver FitFlopsThe top of the Eiffel Tower and the sacred Statue of Liberty overlooking New York, overlooking Paris, enjoy the bustling metropolis and romantic; I want to fly to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Egyptian pyramids was known to the world, to ask why they are so magical. I want to fly to Venice City, the water garden in Switzerland, to uniform a boat and enjoy a tour of the beautiful scenery, the unique scenery in the swim, I will fly to Yugoslavia have received the baptism of war, to the reconstruction of the China embassy, my highest respect and devotion to just heroes, to the indomitable, peace loving people say sincere greetings, offer a warm blessing. I want to fly to the vast universe, explore the mysteries of the planet. I want to see how many Jupiter log in, how much water mercury, Mars is much, Saturn can give us the soil to plant crops; I want to see the moon is not a mountain, water, life, the legend of the beautiful lonely moon and the lovely rabbit is not still waiting for; I want to see a manFitFlops for men saleThe work of artificial satellites, look for them in the orbit of the operation of space, to send them to cooperate with the partners, the exchange of friends. I will fly carefree, enjoy flying, will fly higher, fly farther, fly more exciting, but also to fly out of their own piece of heaven and earth. The Chinese Dream

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Stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities

Recently, I read a book, its name is “Chinese and foreign famous story”, as long as the time to let my father, mother and I read. This book tells the Chinese and foreign celebrities they are how to become useful, such as Mao Zedong, Hua Luogeng, and so on, I found that they had a great ambition when they were young. They can be successfulFitFlops MuklukThat is, four words &ldquo &rdquo God helps those who help themselves;. Einstein said: “ genius = 99% sweat +1% inspiration &rdquo, hard work is the only shortcut. The book tells us that there is no genius in the world, and only those who work hard will succeed. Yes, young scientist Chen Jingrun in China is very awkward, but he didn’t give up, hard to fill, finally the slow need to start early. became a great scientist. Since ancient times, a hard work, a harvest, each diligent people will be rewarded. Celebrities like the movie at all times and in all countries hard in my mind floating, such as: for hard smart, genius lies in the accumulation of. — &mdWomeFitFlop PAS CherNS FitFlops saleAsh; Hua Luogeng, nothing in the world is difficult to climb. — — Mao Zedong, who do not read the book is no future, no study of the nation is no future. — — XX, constantly learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have — — Golgi. And we must give yourself the task: first, learning, learning or learning is second, third — — Lenin, is a good example for us to learn, so I feel a genius from hard work! I’m not awestruck, for their own aspirations and hard study, “ time is money. ” how much time I wasted! Think now feel ashamed, we have such a good condition not to take advantage of &ldquo now; An idle youth a needy age ” ah! We should cherish every minute, every day, more diligent, good reading! I believe that as long as hard work, everyone is a genius! A (3) class Yu Yang Chinese and foreign celebrities story

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stayFitFlop DeutschlandSuch a spring season, my heart can not help but like the flowers to open up. As soon as I finished school in the afternoon, I flew out of school. In the crowd I saw to my dad, my mouth hummed and jump to him, I was very happy, because my father promised me, today I bought two small white rabbit gave me, Dad took me away. We are on the way home to see if there is a small white rabbit, are almost home, but my father and I still did not find a trace of the rabbit. All the way to meet the sale of small white rabbits, how did not see today? I am very disappointed with the father said: “ it seems that today can not buy a small white rabbit ”. See DadFitFlop shopDad said with a sly smile: “ we went home for dinner, after dinner we go somewhere else &rGirls FitFlopsDquo;. I thought my father must be sorry, I am sad to return home. I went home and angrily sitting on the sofa, not the father, that he is a dishonest man. My father didn’t pay attention to me, but when he got home, he went straight to the balcony. After a while, he was holding a box in the ground. I stole a glance, which all have two white things moving, I finally mood.according, curious Coushang see, wow! It was my dream rabbit. I was dancing with joy. My father gave me a surprise as soon as I came back from school. These two little boys are so hairy, so white and so cute. Two long ears have been erected, like all the time in the detection of the enemy like. Dad put them into the prepared cage, I quickly from the fridge for carrots to feed them, watching them with relish eating carrots, small mouth still, occasionally also staring at a pair of small eyes look at me, really cute, I want to can’t help hand to touch them, but afraid to disturb they enjoy the happy meal of carrot. This is a surprise gift to my father, but also my most love gift, every day I will take care of two small white rabbit lives, they also accompany I spent many happy days. gift

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Thanksgiving motherland

FitFlop bootThankful actually everyone has a mother of two, one is that we keep our mother, another is the great motherland. As the saying goes: &ldqFitFlop HerrenUo; Tu, when yongquan. ” leaves in the air with its graceful dancing tree to repay the upbringing of the air; the white clouds drift out of body painting with moving pictures feeding gratitude to the sky; it is the ancestors with their blood to return to the motherland, to defend the motherland. Thanksgiving is the basic principle of life, the community is due to Thanksgiving has become more beautiful, people are grateful for the return of Thanksgiving, the world is so grateful because of the busy. Thanksgiving in some people’s hearts is a simple word, and some people can not complete a lifetime. When I was young, my parents told me: the map like Golden Rooster place is our motherland, the motherland is a warm family, is our common mother. She owns the Yangtze River, the Great Wall, and miles. Later, I also know that the compass, gunpowder, papermaking, printing and other great inventions are a masterpiece of China, so I am proud of their motherland. Later, I saw one by one to serve the motherland and glorious sacrifice you warriors in the book: fear of Huang Jiguang, Liu Hulan ningsibuqu, Humen beach Lin Zexu „ „ all brave image was reflected in my heart. In my heart also decided to become pillars like them to serve the motherland. Do you love your country? Please answer with your proudest voice. In fact, the love of the motherland is a cry to be able to express it? Of course not. There’s real action. So, now we have to Study hard, make greater efforts to serve the motherland. At home do not eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand the little emperor princess. Learning should also be more diligent, for our goalCatching Women Black Fiorella. Yesterday, the Chinese dragon, the ancestors of the dance, and today’s eastern sun, ancestors have been raised, then tomorrow’s Dragon who will dance? Who will come tomorrow? We! We are growing up in the Republic of China’s youth, we will shoulder the great trust, the fathers of national hope, become a new generation of descendants of the motherland Thanksgiving!


“Harvard Family motto”.
“Harvard Family motto” book — China dream my dream (· Gulou District first central primary school four (3) class Zhang Zi Qin) the teacher’s recommendation, I read the American Bernard wrote the “Harvard Family motto”. It consists of a small story, each story thoughLounge FitFlopShort, but contains abundant philosophy, interesting, so I feel very and lead a person to endless aftertastes, close, like a bright light to light up my heart, make me refreshed. I think these stories not only stimulate the multi angle of society and life, but also ignited my innermost wisdom spark. I read it again and again and again. The most impressive is the village postman Shivale, after a trip to a stone, it gave birth to an idea: “ if the use of these beautiful stones to build a castle, it would be wonderful ah! ” in order to achieveHerren FitFlopThis dream, in the next twenty years, he did not live a day of leisure time. During the day he was a postman and a transport stone toil night.Shoes outlet FitFlopHe’s an architect. He was a powerful and unconstrained style according to their own imagination to build your own castle. Finally, Chevalier spent more than and 20 years with his efforts unremittingly, built his dream castle. Now, the castle has become a famous scenic spot in France, its name is &ldquo, the ideal of the postman Shivale. ” when a stone of the dream, it is no longer a stone, no longer lying in the mud. A person must have a dream, but also have a down-to-earth, persistent efforts towards this goal, the dream will come true! I have a dream, deeply rooted in my heart. I hope there is no war, no hunger and poverty. The children all over the world can go to school happily, sing, dance and play games. The earth around the green mountains and rivers, we can also find the moon bright red blossoms and green willows, live on. Although I have no wisdom, this is far away from my dream, but I still wouldn’t give up. Only by continuous efforts, continuous learning, with a strong will, in order to overcome any difficulties, to achieve their dreams. My dream, China dream, look forward to an early realization of … … the “Harvard Family motto”.

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Those years, overwhelmed me

Time for the elderly do not wait for people, the rapid childhood away, leaving only youth and love. In the blink of an eye, I have been a socially successful. On one occasion, I walked into the luxury office, this is the first time I was scolded. I put on a long face, heart is very tangled: why? Why don’t you agree to set up a welfare home? Is it wrong to help those who have no children? You have to know that you have been an orphan ah! Was also adopted by good hearted people ah! Don’t you have a feeling? I was sitting in my office, looking at the ceiling, and I couldn’t help wondering: who am I? My future is good or bad? I’m a little confused. Shall I go on this career? Why do I have to be careful about everything? Is it the only thing to do? I start to lose myself. Those years, it must be so overwhelmed? I remember once, I completed a very important task assigned by the superior, I smoothly from other companies to get a lot of things. The boss doesn’t smile at all.2014 Fitflop Rock Sandals With Diamond Chic piecesI like Xu Shujin, Cao Ying — — pour over my heart like not to utter a single word, fiveFitFlops SilverSour, sweet, bitter, hot taste bottles, everything, because I feel that I should not do that, I was in front of a blur, the heart was touched. However, just shortly after the first time I trained, the boss’s face was like a monkey’s face — — change, this is my fall from heaven to hell, I was puzzled, why is this? My colleagues looked at my eyes also changed, from envy to contempt, from praise to ridicule, I lost my mind. Also, every success and failure of me, as if deep relationship with it, I to the manager from the staff, I spent a tremendous effort, as is the feel, the upper noble and beautiful, but did not expect the upper society more dirty than the lower social, ideological level is much lower class, I have to sigh — — alas! I regret that I grew up, I miss the good life of childhood! I wish I could go back. Those years, a bewildered me. Those years, I do not knowDamen FitFlopMeasure me

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