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Alice in Wonderland

back from the real world of Alice in Wonderland , as early as his childhood fantasy encounter forgotten , but the 14 -year-old , she still thinks this is a life full of amazing fantasy adventure.

Alice big, still do not love reading , and today , she received a letter of invitation , quietly read up : 0026 ldquo; Alice girl, Hello , I am from the King mysterious country.
I and my people are very sincerely welcome you to my kingdom guest.
We all want to have some people from other countries come to visit us play .
Today is the first day of the opening , we will ask our first guests 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; adventurous kids to visit , I wish you happy playing !
0026 rdquo;

Alice certainly do not want to miss this opportunity , she quietly waiting .

unknowingly clock struck 12 , the people of fitflops for men fell asleep, all of a sudden 0026 ldquo; Brush 0026 mdash; 0026 mfitflop john lewisdash; 0026 rdquo; cry, as if something came flying .
0026 ldquo; Moon Boat 0026 rdquo ;, Alice can not think , and quickly slipped out from the window , a light exudes Rouse boat stopped at the door of the house of Alice .

Alice boarded the boat.
0026 ldquo; Hello , I’m in this guide , I called toot , welcome you to the mysterious country guest !
0026 rdquo; sail captain boy said.

0026 ldquo; Hello !
Toot , my name is Alice , an adventurous girl.
0026 rdquo; Alice pleased to introduce ourselves .

through the clouds , through the moonlight, they came to a bustling city.

Alice looked around curiously , the lights in the city , the golden crowned with a brick and a small star , people here are very strange clothing , seems to be on TV fairy wear .

The first stop was the palace .
The palace is a semicircle, which is dotted with twinkling stars.
But a layer of cloud yarn wrapped.
Go in there , at the foot of carpet soft, like a cotton.
Alice took a deep breath , can smell an savory taste.

0026 ldquo; What is it ?
0026 rdquo; Alice pointed to a wall map 0026 ldquo; longest mountain range 0026 rdquo ;.

0026 nbsp; 0026 ldquo; longest mountain range ?
Oh , it is the Andes ah !
It is not with many tall peaks 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo; talk for up toot , toot strangely finally asked : 0026 ldquo; do not you know?
This is your geography book speaking to!
0026 rdquo; Alice reddened up .

Later, Alice went to the palace , fairy garden 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

this journey , Alice can trouble a lot of jokes : 0026 ldquo; eat miscalculated account , sign forget what he called home the wrong way children 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rfitflops amazon ukdquo;

Alas, this Alice .

0026 ldquo; ah, do not , do not , do not !
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; baby, baby, how friends 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; 0026 rdquo;

text / Xiaoyi small reporter Chien – hui Hsu ( Chongwen Street Primary School 179 classes )

Instructor: Zhang Lixia

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0026 nbsp; 20 years later I

I am 20 years later look like?
I’m deep in thought .

Suddenly a man appeared in front of me said to me, 0026 ldquo; Hello 0026 rdquo ;, I looked up and down puzzled her, and whom she always felt a little like .
I asked her : 0026 ldquo; Who are you ?
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; Lile Yi , do not you know me?
I was you 20 years after ah.
0026 rdquo; she answered.

I am a little excited , curious , there is a problem is that I am particularly concerned about :

0026 ldquo; what you are doing ah?
0026 rdquo;

0026 ldquo; what you want me to do it ?
0026 rdquo;

0026 ldquo; reporter !
0026 rdquo;

0026 ldquo; fitflops hooper Yes, I am now !
0026 rdquo;

She seems to see my suspicions .
Reporters card out to me , 0026 ldquo; ah 0026 rdquo; surprised me shout out .
This correspondent card, I always dreamed of ah.
So I did not react, she soon disappeared.

is just my recollection of the time , again a man .
Still so familiar.
She took the initiative and say hello to me : 0026 ldquo; Hello , I was a manager of the company , 0026 rdquo; also handed me a business card .
0026 ldquo; Lile Yi ?
Like how my name ?
0026 rdquo; see the name , I shouted loudly.
She was so surprised to see me , tell me 0026 ldquo; you and I’m 20 years after ah.
0026 rdquo; I do not believe she should be and I’m kidding , right ?
Just 20 years later, that is not me?
She told me that 0026 ldquo; just that is false, I is true.
0026 rdquo; Having also took me to visit her company , villas, activities, met with her ​​cheap fitflops sale nannies, assistants , lawyers and others .
I can not help but deeply admire their future .

manager I disappear , I’m still intoxicated : It seems that I was really good in the future ah.
Suddenly, a rough hand on my shoulder , I was shocked.
A closer look at this man : disheveled , broken body carrying a sack filled with garbage.
I did not understand her : 0026 ldquo; Who are you ?
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; I’m your 20 years after ah.
0026 rdquo; she replied.
Ah, 20 years later how I became scavenging ?
She did not say anything disappeared , leaving me in there in a daze .

three future I put my trouble disoriented .
Later , teachers, civil servants , nannies and other future I have come, I’m just going crazy .

0026 ldquo; popping 0026 rdquo; bang fitflop chada black, pen fall, I found out that at the time of writing their own asleep, it was a dream .

text / Xiaoyi small reporter Lile Yi ( Fuxi school 88 classes )

Instructor: Zhang Lixia

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night , fitflops sandals bunches glare to Frankie were all woken up , Pleasant said : 0026 ldquo; This is from the village sent to the lab , I went to see.
0026 rdquo; said , they swiftly ran out.
Pleasant laboratory into the village to see a thing like a rocket asked cheapest fitflops sale village : 0026 ldquo; What is new weapons ah 0026 rdquo; mysterious village , said :? 0026 Ldquo; This is not a new weapon ,
but the speed of light spacecraft , and with it we can go to the United States , Britain, France anytime 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip ;.
0026 rdquo; Pleasant happy to say : 0026 ldquo; then I called the other Frankie to try it .
0026 rdquo; village head nod .

Frankie have all got into the spaceship , the United States Frankie said : 0026 ldquo; This spacecraft is not the same as last time , down time will be nausea , vomiting it 0026 rdquo; mayor smiled and said :? 0026 ldquo; not
yes, this is a rolling , absolutely no previous symptoms of physical discomfort .
0026 rdquo; Pleasant eager said : 0026 ldquo; then we hurry to try it.
0026 fitflop red diamond newrdquo; he pressed a red button , imagine a wonderful trip.
Then Funakura pot exploded in like everyone happy twist huddled up .
Strange , not only what he wanted to say the mayor a look .

spacecraft landed shortly , Aries excited disembark , suddenly all dumbfounded , this place is too familiar, this is not Wolfsburg it 0026 ldquo;? how it would be to come here 0026 rdquo;? Pleasant touched his head to himself
The mayor said, squinting : 0026 ldquo; your press is non-directional program , this time fortunately , it stopped, and sometimes it would have been flying , it is not good to say.
0026 rdquo; Wolf was sweating profusely housework , uninvited to see a flock of sheep , one quickly tied up.
Frankie whispered Pleasant , said : 0026 ldquo; I do not want to be eaten by the Wolf , you quickly think of a way to die .
0026 rdquo; Pleasant nodded and said : 0026 ldquo; Do not worry , I have .
0026 rdquo;

Pleasant please say : 0026 ldquo; Wolf , you most want to go travel ah 0026 rdquo; ash too Yang waves upward :? 0026 ldquo; I most want to go to Beijing, which was the capital of it .
0026 rdquo; Pleasant smile : 0026 ldquo; no problem , this desire can be achieved now , look, there’s a light ships can take you anywhere.
0026 rdquo; Wolf said : 0026 ldquo; you are not also trying to cheat me 0026 rdquo; Pleasant quickly shook his head :? 0026 ldquo; no, you can play for a while in Beijing , if we want to escape, you can always come back .
0026 rdquo; Wolf believed, happy together with the Red Wolf on the spacecraft.
Wolf watching so many buttons , I do not know which one to press .
Pleasant , said : 0026 ldquo; press the green that just fine .
0026 rdquo; mayor said loudly : 0026 ldquo; you how to teach him the correct usage is simply foolish enough to home.
0026 rdquo; Pleasant muzzled : 0026 ldquo; wait, play behind.
0026 rdquo; Wolf thought: Pleasant will not kindly tell me correct it , I can not be deceived , so he calmly pressed the red button.
The procedure is non- directional switch to transit in the sky , not landing.
0026 ldquo; hateful Pleasant , I will definitely be back.
0026 rdquo; Wolf howling has been echoed in the air .

Frankie finally managed to escape the Wolfsburg , happily went home.

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to fall fitflop boots sale uk , the orchard apples ripe, bright red , from the tree fell down one by one , piled up a small hill .
Hedgehog home is not far away from the orchard .

One day , the weather was clear and sunny , hedgehog hedgehog mother said : 0026 ldquo; We went apple orchard adopt it today !
0026 rdquo; hedgehog straight clapped happily said : 0026 ldquo; Well !
Well !
0026 rdquo; hedgehog will happily go along with Mom and mining apple orchard .

to the orchard , the hedgehog can not wait to go to the big tree , huddled himself , a roll body covered with apples.
Mom saw said : 0026 ldquo; child, you picked nice !
new fitflop lunetta pale bronze 0026 rdquo; hedgehog listened to my mother, very proud, but not long after , the hedgehog is absent-minded , and refused to re- adopt apples , for a moment, catching navy fitflops butterflies, while a small river to go play
a .
It saw my mother picked apples, and more great, full of a big basket .
It looked at his adopted only a few .
Embarrassed and lowered his head .
Mom said : 0026 ldquo; child has to be single-minded , not half-hearted , or you are doing a bad thing .
0026 rdquo; hedgehog back to her place , continue to adopt Apple , this time , he may be seriously mined much more attractive !
A big basket full , loaded all fit .

Today, hedgehog really happy ah !

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飞碟 劫持 少年

0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp; s城已是万家灯火,城郊的高速公路上仍然车辆如梭,川流不息。一辆顶棚用高强度玻璃制成的微型汽车,风驰电掣。这辆车的主人是李克明。李克名要到x城去,因为到x城要四个小时才能到达,所以李克明六点重就出发了。

0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp;九点多钟时,他惊讶的发现天上有一个银灰色的东西在跟着他,他仔细一看原来是一架飞碟,他想神秘的飞碟不是人人都能看到的。他把微型车的速度放慢,打开微型车的自动录像系统,准备把飞碟的情况拍下来,突然飞碟加速跟了上来,李克明非常害怕,他正不知如何摆脱跟踪物,这时飞碟射出一道强光,连车带人就被吸了进去。

you星球 历险 记”二”

神秘 的you星球

0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp;李克明在飞碟上迷迷糊糊地睡着了,一觉醒来,发现自己睡在一间整洁的小房子里,窗外小院中有许多奇怪的小花,院门关着。一会儿,发出0026ldquo;咣啷0026rdquo;0026ldquo;咣啷0026rdquo;的响声,门0026ldquo;吱呀0026rdquo;一声开了,走进来一个样子十分灵巧的机器人。李克明对机器人说:0026ldquo;这是什么地方?,离我们地球有多远?0026rdquo;机器人说了好多种语言,他终于才听明白,自己已被劫持到离地球14光年的w星球。李克明既担心又害怕,这么远,怎么回家呢?小机器人对他说:0026ldquo;抓你到这里来,我们大有用途,准备研究一下你们地球人,你也不用回去了

0026 rdquo;一听 这话,李克明 心 都 凉 了!


you星球 历险 记”三”

superboot shortbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;
you星球 的 猿猴 人

0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp;自从机器人对李克明说了不能回地球了之后,李克明是心事重重,再也没和他们说过话。过了几天,一个长的象猿猴一样的外星人来看李克明,走到他面前,叽哩咕噜,不知说些什么?李克明打开翻译器才听明白,原来是他们的博士要李克明去。猿猴人用小飞碟把李克明带带到一栋金属大厦里,在墙上一按,李克明就被推了进去。仔细一看,是一间大实验室。里面尽是些看不明白的机器,这时,一个博士模样的人走了过来,对李克明说:0026ldquo;通过这段时间对你们地球的研究,发觉你们地球人真的笨,所以就抓你来,做对比实验,看你们脑袋里是否少了什么东西。0026rdquo;0026nbsp;李克明听了这话非常着急,他想:我一个人的力量是斗不过他们的,只有智取,一定要想办法回到地球。他环顾一下四周,玻璃墙外面有几个机器人在走动,猿猴人见李克明在东张西望,就狠狠的打了他一下。李克明装做很害怕的样子,退到了一台电脑控制器旁,不知道按到了什么东西,自己就被弹到了外面,这时,铃声响了,好多的机器人向他跑来。

you星球 历险 记”四”

安全 返回



0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp ; 0026 nbsp;李克明惊喜发现不远处停着一架飞碟,就飞快的爬进去,向飞碟发出指令:射击,出发。飞碟发出的激光打得机器人东倒西歪,飞碟就飞向了茫茫的太空,经过一段时间的飞行,就停下来了,李克明打开一看,高兴极了,终于平安的回来了,好险啊!

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0026 nfitflop pewterbsp; 0026 nbsp; caring Wind

0026 nbsp; There was a wind child all day, flying in the sky , so that people complain incessantly all day , the wind mother advised wind child doing good.
Wind kids tried it .
It came to the home of an old milk , and saw the grandmother was lying in bed , appears to be ill , pale, sallow , the wind blows away the child to the disease , and checking the door open long .
It returned home to her mother , said : 0026 ldquo; I helped a fitflop arena bright-color hot designed flame -bit grandma 0026 rdquo; mom happy to say : 0026 ldquo; You’re a good boy 0026 rdquo; people know after Doukua it is good fitflop
review child.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp;