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0026 nbsp; small seeds , you wake up fast !
Outside of spring can be beautiful !
Peach laugh glamorous womens fuchsine sandals frou blushing , shaking willow green long braids dancing in the spring , apricot open, swallow twittering new fitflop trakk chocolate cried .
Spring girl in the outside world , etc. How about you !
Grass is sprouting , and they spread a layer of specially for you verdant carpet , but also the outside world , etc. How about you !
Small seeds , you wake up fast !
Spring is really here!

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Do you want to become a doctor to save it save the world ?
Do you want to become a world-renowned writer do ?
Like you imagine Yang Liwei became an astronaut glory for the country it?
Everyone has their own dream , and my dream is to become a scientist.

If I were a scientist , I want to invent a smart book shining luna black pearl package.
Smart bags only dictionary so big , but it can reduce the weight of the book 10 times , so the children can be liberated from the heavy bag in the .
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If I were a scientist , I want to be able to invent a white waste into nutrients instrument , so that a solution to the waste problem , while turning waste into treasure , simply do both.

If I were a scientist , I want to invent a pill can cure all diseases , break cancer, leukemia and other difficulties, so that people will no longer suffer the pain of torture , nor die from not fitflops for women sale
conquer the disease .

If I were a scientist , I want to invent a portable housing .
It is free to move to the place where you like , you can also withstand typhoons , tsunamis , earthquakes and other natural disasters, so no one will be killed in these natural disasters.

If I were a scientist , I have to work harder and scientists together to explore habitable planet in the universe , in order to reduce the burden on the earth.

If I can achieve these aspirations , then the world would a wonderful ah , I have to learn , striving to become a scientist , so that people strive to live a happier life.

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People wake up

see out the window of the rain curtain


They know

Rain will air a new look

raindrops landing

see yourself ten million compatriots

like in the opening banquet

The original fitflop hooper 0026 nbsp; from heaven this way

is not just one person ‘s idea

The sun leaping from the clouds

People see

This will be a wonderful weekend

both rainy and humid

There is also the warmth of the sun

Rainbow after

Raindrops imagine

We evaporation

there is no one to miss us

I will not meet with my friends

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raindrops evaporate

on the ground that they had no trace of

cloud rising in

They want

in the end there is no one cares about us

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small ant travels

I was a newborn ants.
Today, I have never been out of the hole stuck his head out , looked curiously this beautiful world, my father and mother, in order to take into account my safety , has not let me out of this cave.
Today, my mom and dad are not at home to take advantage of the time , with curiosity , to the outside world the first step.

0026 ldquo; the outside world is so colorful!
0026 rdquo; I由衷地感叹.
I lived in the corner of the red maple forest.
Coincided with autumn maple forest is like a beautiful sunset.
I walk through the door on the way out of the forest of maple , was an unprecedented quiet.
That in the autumn red maple leaves swaying , as if beckoning to me in an intimate , I eagerly greet them .
I’m curious mind , boarded a red maple leaves .
This piece is like a ship Maple Leaf , and I was the captain .
Suddenly, a cool autumn new fitflop lunetta pewter wind came, I clutched maple leaf in autumn, the maple leaves put on a clear blue sky , I seem to sit in a spaceship , fly away with me .
Autumn wind blowing head stroking my body.
Soon, the wind stopped, the Maple Leaf leisurely falling down, I walked down the 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, spacecraft walk alone in the red maple grove , enjoy the scenery and the unique nature and quiet.
In wireless stillness , forget the world forgot himself.

At this time, my parents pietra fitflop sale transporting food through here .
Saw me, surprised them , and then turn my rap a lot.
In desperation , I had to go home.

However, I will never forget this wonderful tour.
I thought to myself , kind and genial nature is so beautiful , next time , I will meet you .

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Chinese family name long history of five thousand years , our ancestors have created one after another wonders of the world , creating a another great invention .
In the future, technological development is remarkable leader .

0026 nbsp; At that time , people use technology products are very environmentally friendly.
Look at the road !
Cars on the road is no longer black smoke , and the road is also less of a road car tire indentation .
Why is this ?
It turned out that the future of the car all use the solar energy to generate electricity , automobile tail also installed a small instrument , though it is small , the ability to be big, it will exhaust engine emissions converted into oxygen , but also to collect the air of harmful
material , turning them into usable energy ; In addition , when the cars are all maglev car , this way , of course, no car indentation on the road.
0026 nbsp;

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; along the road is the most innovative new rows of the trash that .
If you litter , it will extend a hand to grab your machine until you put the garbage in the trash so far.
If you spared fast , trash will automatically send information to your physical characteristics to pass the trash around , so next to a trash can to catch you , this is a smart trash fitflop sale uk electronic police functions.
Do not think this is very annoying smart trash , it also has a 0026 ldquo; nice and pro 0026 rdquo; side: if you consciously put the rubbish into the bin, it will beep sounds : 0026 ldquo; please put your hand on the induction
on .
0026 rdquo; when you press to get started and it will say : 0026 ldquo; Congratulations!
Your health is very integral to increase .
0026 rdquo; health integration can bring you a lot of convenience high : If you are a student , excellent schools when enrollment will be giving priority to you ; if you are looking for a job , the company will give preference to you ; to the hospital, the cost can be obtained
certain concessions , this is a smart trash can reward function.
Connect each bin is a huge underground waste disposal system , garbage bins will quickly be broken down , trash never like this stinking .
Until then, urban roads and parks are clean , the life of the community is the elegant environment , no mouse, no flies, no cockroaches , no mosquitoes, hospital patients were also greatly reduced, doctors are also much easier to work under pressure
a .
With this trash, we will live in a world where flowers 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Sit 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, maglev car trip we go to school to see.
Into the school gates , along with your ear is a reading aloud from the music room also came bursts of melodious music .
After a closer look into the classroom , the table turned out to be transparent , so that the students in class what tricks are able to escape the discernment , and on the table there is a row of buttons and a computer buttons are used according to different situations on different occasions transform computer
purposes , the next class can listen to songs , play games , you can do the test on the computer class, of course , if you play the game in the class , the host computer will send a report to the teacher’s computer.
Not only that, the classroom blackboard can be extended to shrink and do not chalk childrens fitflops to write, as long as the teacher I thought, and then analyzed by only one blackboard , the teacher wanted to write on the blackboard knowledge will emerge , so that it breaks the students
and teachers eat chalk bitterness .

Out of the classroom , we went to the playground to see.
Just one floor , they heard the sound of everyone’s play .
Into the playground , vision suddenly become clear .
The runway in front of a full thousand , there are soccer fields, basketball courts , tennis courts, baseball fields , and a large gym, the gym swimming pool, table tennis, badminton court on the playground.
Really everything .
Not only that, a lot of things here have used the high-tech , is simply too great!

Out of school , then go to the hospital to visit his home to visit .
Future hospital can keep you away from the pain that you will be able to heal illness .
In bone surgery, patients are just sit 0026 ldquo; bubble lift 0026 rdquo; it can be restored.
Sick children afraid of injections and medicine , the doctor put the medicine in the bottle fitflop sale usa pour in , then pour the juice through a straw inserted to the children only heard these odd overflowing medicine, the disease can be reduced to close .
Such a great hospital , this reached Miaoshouhuichun realm.

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0026 nbsp;

Rabbit is a lovely curious little bunny , he has an own vegetable garden .
I remember once, he between vegetable and a funny thing happened .

Late spring day, the weather was clear and cloudless .
Happened this day than watching the small Swiss bud vegetable dishes , being watched entranced , suddenly, a burst of rain, the rain fell from the sky , playing in Sweden than in the body.
Swiss than think : 0026 ldq2014 fitflop xosa brownuo; Hey, why do it big sunny weather will rain in trouble ??
0026 rdquo; Rui than just about finished, it swiftly went home, put a few small umbrella took out their umbrellas to help Brussels sprout .
At this time, a good friend Tigger Swiss ratio , Pooh , small pig umbrella fitflop slippers sale to the Swiss than the house to play .
They saw the Swiss umbrella than is giving sprouts , they laughed and said, 0026 ldquo; Rabbit , you fool !
This gives you an umbrella sprouts , sprouts now is the time to absorb nutrients , you do not let them absorb nutrients , so they will grow up .
0026 rdquo; Rabbit asked : 0026 ldquo; Why fitflop superboot?
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; because spring is the time to absorb nutrients Brussels sprout , you now do not let them suck dew of the earth , they grow up .
0026 rdquo; said Pooh .
0026 ldquo; Oh, this is ah !
0026 rdquo; Rabbit said.
Just finished, put the call on瑞比马Brussels sprout umbrella away, so that they quickly absorb nutrients.

After this, the Swiss than learned some tips on cultivation of sprouts .

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I was a brand new , clean desks, no student on the chair beside me there is no bag below .
But I look forward to once there is a man sitting on a chair next to me , immediately there is a bag on my below.

Today, I finally heading today , finally heading for a student .
He is a handsome little boy , in the future , I will be his essential amazon uk fitflops school fitflop rock chic with diamond pieces red learning supplies, it makes me very proud.
But I never thought of the time when someone is sitting in this chair , I will be so embarrassed .
On the first day I work, the boy has been in my face painted on the draw and write on a word , or even still in my face lettering , it makes me very pain and distress.


The little boy ‘s first lesson is over, I thought I could rest, be justified when I want to rest , a sharp pain hit me in the beating of two students did not dare open my pain
eyes, only in the hearts pray nightmare buy fitflops uk end quickly 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

my nightmare come again and again .
The little boy beat me accompaniment happy little boy playing angry when I vent , when the little boy playing me as a toy to play 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; I have just quietly endured.
However, the most I can not stand is the little boy like me lettering , sharp knife when walking in my body, so I can not describe the kind of pain .

I really hope that the little boy and all the students can care for us, protect us, because I am your faithful companion and helper Yeah!