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Lili is a naughty child, he often a mistake , of course, no less affected by the teacher’s criticism , he was nothing but grow .

Summer vacation, and the teacher wants each student to write a diary .
The naughty Lili actually slide the glide board to stationery store , hit the shelves that put the diary , the salesman was very angry aunt , Li-Li had no choice but to buy the whole diary .

got home , my mother was not angry, just ask Lili these diaries to be finished this summer .
It turned out that my mother would have wanted to get rid of the power problems force a mistake , and now he has created an opportunity for the mother how not catch this opportunity?

Lili back to his room , out of a yellow diary, written in the above open 0026 ldquo; Today I put the diary stationery store shelves knocked over , all I had to buy the diary
mom wanted me to finish the diary in the summer fitflop shoe, I really want to have a hundred hands .
0026 rdquo; Suddenly, Lili feel the itch , a look, did not know he covered his hand, but the strange thing is, there are six fingers on each hand , he saw the diary , that he is the 0026 ldquo; hand 0026 rdquo; word
Write more than a cross .
Force amazon uk fitflop force did not care so much, and hastened a diary, it only took half an hour to put the whole diary finished .
After writing a diary , Lili feel that way too difficult to read , write 0026 ldquo in that this diary ; I think back to the original look 0026 rdquo; Lili suddenly changed back to the original look.

Lili again that this magical diary to write 0026 ldquo; I want to fly up .
0026 rdquo; soon, force on force is a long pair of wings, trying to force force wings , really flying.
Before long, the power of a person feel the air force flew in boring, went home to write in the diary that 0026 ldquo; Let all the children of this city have grown thorns ( wing ) to bladder .
0026 rdquo; and soon , all the city’s children into the sky , but they did not close to each other , the force force a closer look , before we know the wings are long thorns, Lili rushed home to open the diary, found his own
wrong , Lili blushed and quickly get rid of typos .
After rid typo , Lili decided to get rid of the problems wrong word , not a mistake .

Near the end of the summer , the force with the magic power of the diary did many interesting things , but he is not very happy, because previously do not stimulate , he thought: What do to stimulate it?
Finally he thought of the jungle adventure.
Lili find a few good friends : Huanhuan , obviously , and every day to prepare the evening went to the jungle adventure.

In the evening, people come together, the force of the force had prepared things in a backpack .
Then on the diary to write 0026 ldquo; We want to explore the jungle .
0026 rdquo; soon they in the jungle , and Huan Huan , obviously , and every day, very surprised.
However, the power to force them to explain , they soon calmed down .

Lili forward a flashlight shining , the trees standing next to them a few owls are called.
Lili walked a few people , a cool breeze blowing them another horror.

Suddenly, a snake crawled out a bit it Huanhuan , Huanhuan cry , Lili went over to look only to find Huanhuan been bitten by a snake .

They are anxious when they appeared in front of a wolf , force force them to fling flashlight , turned around and ran her own Huanhuan , wolf only chase after .
Li-Li , Huan Huan , and every day, obviously terrified .
Then cheap fitflop boots, Lili thought wolves fear the fire , took out a lighter and then pick up a stick beside him , how it can fix .

Suddenly, Lili remembered magic diary , use the fastest speed out of magic diary and pen, while running in the diary to write 0026 ldquo; we have to go back 0026 rdquo; in a few seconds of speed , they returned to the room, the force
force again in the diary to write 0026 ldquo; let Huanhuan good wound up 0026 rdquo; fast, wound like a miracle Huanhuan better.

Lili afraid magic diary written after not doing more fun things , write 0026 ldquo in magic diary ; I have ten magic diary 0026 rdquo; a few seconds later , there have been ten magic on the desk
diary, he gave three were Huanhuan , obviously , and every day .

Later , they used to do a lot of magic diary happy.