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“Old story”. ”
Today, I watched a movie, named — — “old story” Lester, very interesting. Film master public: Ted, the old Leith, oder Korea… Main content is: there is a small town, the town all the things are plastic, flowers and trees, houses, cars, household items, even food… And even the air is man-made! Trees can be manipulated, leaves in the lamp, simply press the corresponding button, the lights will be issued four different colors of light: green (spring), green (summer), yellow (Autumn), white (winter). But the living, the fruit of the tree, the tree that is, has become extinct. There is a boy named Ted. His girlfriend is really like the flowers and trees in the Oder Korea, very. She said to Ted, “&ldquo”, the real tree looks like a dandelion, and the tree tops the trees. It smells like butterflies and milk. Ted2014 Luna Coffee FitFlopDetermined to find his girlfriend back the real tree, he left the townClearance sale uk FitFlopTo find the true tree seed. Ted jumped over the steep cliff, avoiding the sharp axe, and finally came to the old man’s house. He pressed the doorbell, but he was bounced into the air. Then he was caught in the trap, and the window was put into account. The clip was finally put down. The old man began to tell his story a young: at that time, all over the mountains and plains full of flowers, everywhere is green and luxuriant trees, then I cut down. No matter the protector &mdash &mdash forest;; old Gonzalez persuasion, I listen to. Trees are gradually cut down, the earth becomes a naked piece, lost life. The environment is destroyed, the sky dense, stink to high heaven; clear bottoming out of the river has become a sewage, animals are homeless, the old Leith but let them leave. People had to create many more plastic trees to decorate the home… Then cut trees for the elderly to ted a real tree seeds. Ted has ruled out a lot of obstruction, and the seeds planted in the soil in the center of the town, so that people can see the whole town. For the past few years, the whole town everywhere covered with green trees, the town reverted to the old vigor, the old Leith back again… Watching the movieFitflop Flare Cheap Black Elegant Fashionable, I have a deep feeling, I want to appeal to everyone: Protect environment, responsibility!