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Let the world be full of love
Let the world be full of love & mdash mdash; read the goat “don’t eat the grass of heaven” has a sense of the goats don’t eat the grass of heaven “said Syria a starving sheep in the face of long noble attractive & ldquo; Paradise grass & rdquo; would rather starve themselves to death also refused to head down to & ldquo; trampling & rdquo; the hallowed turf, a few days later, a only heroic were strewn along the, which caused the protagonist to make a living in the story. Story not only praises the goat’s quality, but also praises the protagonist Akiko is caring and has a sense of justice has the sense of responsibility of the excellent spirit. Akiko’s father died because of the flock and bankruptcy, Akiko, because life forced to helping his father, had to and master. Brother together to leave the adzuki bean village, came to the a strange city to seek. Akiko daily to carpenter living places looking for work, find work hard and generally cold not only didn’t beat him, but encouraged him to not give up. Smart Akiko observant, he observed a grandfather for a few days have come here to see people looking for work, Akiko soon found work. Just got a job.FitFlops purpleSee that their situation is more difficult than the little boy, said nothing to put him to work, they go looking for. Where a living experience is very hard but he still regardless of their own to take care of others, sacrifice oneself to protect others. But there are not such examples in our life. The year before last year ignited a small Yue Yue events and 2-year-old Yueyue in Foshan Nanhai Huangqi Guangfo Hardware City have been two cars rolling, 7 minutes, 18 passers-by passing but are considered withoutFitFlop shoes cheapSee, indifferent to the last one, this aunt came to help, after the hospital rescue invalid death story. For example, in recent years, the elderly fall event, most of the passers-by are onlookers, but few people will take the initiative to help the elderly, is the world’s cold, the responsibility of the shallow, or human? Read the book and the goatTo buy FitFlops whereThe excellent quality of the children is worth us to learn from the praise of our praise. Life, we should have a sense of responsibility, take the initiative to care about the people and things around, I believe that as long as we are dedicated to a small force, our world will be full of love. Yangtze River Road Primary School

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My troubles
I have trouble Tian Muchun what special troubles, is the school teacher assignments a lot. In the fifth grade semester, Monday to Friday, after the first class in the afternoon, teacher to homework, actually there are five examination paper, three composition, the language only this, mathematics two papers, and English, there are four papers. This time is the most since the five grade.FitFlops bronzeOnce you! There are individual students ah a, the teacher gave them a few math. That a few people are desperate. I thought the fifteen minute papers, is a fifteen minute will be finished, but things are not like thatShoes sale women FitFlopSo good. Back home, I began to write, from four points to five forty-five, just finished writing two English, then I feel very depressed, and I kept complaining: “ this time, why so many. ” after dinner, I looked at what I had to do tomorrow morning and afternoon after class, and I had a class on Sunday afternoon. Until half past eight o’clock in the evening, I had finished English and two essays, too maddening, not to the final, calculate and four weeks. So, I’m going to have to keep writing. On Sunday evening, all classes are finished, the homework, looked at, is left in an essay, two mathematical papers, four pieces of language papers, has written nine points and two mathematical papers, then was frantic to want to cry. Suddenly the phone rang, and it was the students who came to the job. Since he asked me to work, he also did not finish the homework, think of here. I just went on to write. At half past ten in the evening, after finishing the last question, I saw that it was completely dark. Want toDiscount FitFlops&middot &middot · ·; · ·; the first thing the teacher to do is to say: &ldquo. ” each time is so, first of all work, after writing a very late, and then later is the same table check, every day is very boring, but still have to continue, so how can you stand it?