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Where are you?
One Saturday afternoon, I sat down to do homework slowly, but how also can not find I put in the bag of the mathematical possessions papers. I put a bag over the turtle didn’t find; and each of the book turned over there is no; finally simply put the bag so the books all fell to the floor. The floor immediately into a small pile of garbage, zero zero pieces of paper, each book. Some of these books are out of the corner, some of them are torn by · · · · · &middot. In this mess, but did not see the math test I have to find, I’m anxiousLunetia Sandals Sale Br FitflopsSupertone sale FitFlopOnzeLike ants on the hot pot · · · · · ·; I picked up the phone and called my desk to ask her if she had taken my test paper, but she said no. How to do, the work is notMen FitFlopCan not do it! So I call and I shared a community of Students & mdash; & mdash; Liu Lin, ready to borrow her papers to take a copy of a. Can open their wallets and a little reluctant to spend their own money, the heart is very uncomfortable! The money but I usually help my parents to buy breakfast fee to run errands, thinking I couldn’t help but cry & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; after a while, I’m going to first writing exercises. When I opened the “reading” the Yue wrote, I froze, oh! I spent spending tremendous effort to find the papers, even casually lying inside. I was surprised, and his careless. Well It’s quite a lot of trouble for me! I have never used up a piece of rubber since the first grade, and I have lost a few &middot &middot &middot &middot &middot &middot! But from now on I decided to get rid of the bad habits!