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A promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold
Qingfeng is primary school district of Pukou Gao Chang “ the little boy ran in the night, passers-byBlack shoes FitFlopDon’t understand why the boy ran so fast. ” this is a “good” in the text. Why did the little boy run so fast? He is about to pay back the money. This article is about a boy to come back every day and help vendors cart to repay the story to us. After reading this article I can do this The word once spoken can never be withdrawn, the little boy to deeply touched. The little boy was very poor, and his mother had diabetes. The little boy is in order to cure the mother and 2 dollars owed money, and make a promise: he will be in 5 days to return the money. In order to return these 2 dollars, he went to school during the day, every night to help the vendors carts, and finally in the fifth day is about to return the money back. “ the boy spread out the palm of the hand, like a flower that started 2 yuan. ” this is the good faith of the flowers, the boy through their own labor, and finally on schedule to the money, the cross in his heart of stone has finally dropped down. In fact, he can drag a few days, but he did not, because he is a man of honesty and trustworthiness. Yiyanjichu, recalling, the Chinese people chasing the thousands of years of quality, real on the ground reflected in the boy, although he came from a poor family, although he did live very tired, he did not because these reasons and stood up. I really admire him.AZTEK CHADA SLIDE Urban White FitflopAs good as gold, but also said: when you have somebody else will complete according to the amount of timeSale Amazon FitFlops. I hope that the spirit of the people can be more. I rarely feel, one of my friends has broken my heart. Originally we about to go to the bookstore in my house, I went to the station to meet her, I went to the station to meet her, I do not know how long to wait for a long time, I have a light rain, I have a look at it, maybe she something, the rain is more and more big, I began to blame. She called and said: today I have something to say, and it’s raining … … this is more than the wind this rain also hurt my heart, I am disappointed to go home.

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Read “Lei Feng’s story” a sense of
In the mood for a happy summer vacation, I read a book called “Lei Feng’s story”. This book tells the story of Lei Feng’s life experience, but also tells the story of Lei Feng’s spirit of sacrifice oneself to protect This book tells the story of Uncle Lei Feng’s extraordinary life and great deeds to us tirelessly. Uncle Lei Feng is the people’s Liberation Army Chinese model soldier, the socialist youth pacesetter. He in just 22 years life growing course, did not earth shattering event, he just quietly doing dribs and drabs trivial matters. The mundane fully show he as a member of the Communist Party & ldquo; without self-interest, specialized and people & rdquo; and & ldquo; never rusty screw & rdquo; spirit. Lei Feng every step of ordinary footprint vibrating everyone’s heart, his image in our hearts forever, inspired us a generation of people thrive, as we move forward on the road of guiding light. After reading the “Diary of Lei Feng”, let me feel a lot. Uncle Lei Feng wrote this in his diary: “ the life of man is limited, but for the people, I want to devote my limited life to serving the people.USA FitFlop. ” this sentence makes me more respect for uncle Lei Feng, I also want to work hard to learn from Uncle Lei Feng, not necessarily to be as great as he is, but to do more to do whatever the little things, to help people around, to make more contributions to the motherland. Lei Feng’s life was dedicated to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people.Sale uk boots FitFlopsThe people. He in the army discipline and strong, disciplined, and obey the command, and do a good job in the examination and maintenance of machine, ensure safety, the elimination of accident, become the model of soldiers in the army. I want to Uncle Lei Feng learning, do a law-abiding, love of learning, willing to help others good students, for Jiangsu Province four good young as soon as possible. “Lei Feng’s story” the book is a good book for children and teenagers. This book makes me deeply understand what is love, what is courage, what is selfless, what is good, what is the United States, what is the belief. This book allows me to gain a wealth of knowledge and good faith: as long as your heart is full of love, you will not stop to help others, harvest happiness!