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My good friendFitflop Arena Slide Black Sandals NewI have a very close friend, from first grade to now, every day we was like peas and carrots, learn together, play together, she is our class monitor & mdash; & mdash; Luo Meixin. Her tall stature, dark skin, originally a head of black bright long hair, a few days ago was cut into the mushroom head of a round yo, however, is quite lovely. A pair of black grape like eyes, it seems like talking, and sparkly, under the high bridge of the nose is a glib mouth.also mouth, speaking voice is very sweet. Her hobby is like me, like reading, writing brush, painting, playing computer. She is a quiet girl, don’t talk to students Dadanaonao, in the eyes of the teacher and classmates, she is not only a person appear in public love darling female, or a outstanding good student. She usually studies very muchFitflop Arena Luxe Tan On Hot Sale ClassicWork hard, pay attention to the class, each exam can achieve excellent results. Whenever the school held some amateur activities, she can lead by example, actively participate in. She said civilization, polite, but also often eager to help those who have difficulties. I remember last semester, there is a time when I was doing my homework, I accidentally broke the pen, I was so anxious like ants on a hot pan around, it was almost crying, I thought there was no pen to write homework? At this time, sitting in the back of her as if to see my mind, do not hurry to come over, whisper to me: “ do not worry, I have a spare pen, for you andFitFlops AvonRdquo; “ thank you, thank you, … … ”, I was moved to tears, really appreciate her. This is really timely assistance! If not the pen, I really don’t know what to do. Until now, I have been keeping the pen, because it is the witness of our friendship. She has many merits, and never makes a mistake, the only shortcoming is too shy, too shy, class and do not like to raise their hands to speak, and this is my advantage, I hope we learn in the future to learn, learn from each other, and common progress. This is my good friend — — Luo Meixin, she must be very good!

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Reading “the success of the so-called” have a sense of
Read the so-called successful “Pukou District Qingfeng elementary school Lu Jiali success. Only by themselves in order to fight; success, to hope, perseverance, have confidence to get. This success, just two words, but hidden behind a countless tears. This is what I feel after reading the so-called success. The so-called success, “this article is mainly about: a cure all fruit, long on a very high mountain, a blind man and a lame to find it. The lame bear journey difficult, give up; and after the blind is experienced numerous difficulties and dangers to find fruit, cure the disease. Back home, he put the fruit to eat the lame, but no trace of effect. Good, to be successful, cost or great, toil, give up on themselves, may become a stumbling block on the road to success, the glorious truth stumbling block. However, the success of people is to bring joy, is the result, is the reputation, can not bring the success can not be hard to match it? In fact, as long as you hold a common heart, not to taste the road is how hard, go ahead, then, success may be waving to you. There was a college student that after graduation because he’s ugly, the employer will reject him thousands of miles, but he was not discouraged, because he believed that there must be a bole, she this horse phase. Then, he went to the interview, always head up, ask him a question, he is always smiling, answer fluently. Soon, get a boss’s appreciation, from then on, began its “ working life. ” he was successful,Women ietra Black WonderfulBecause he has the perseverance, has the confidence. If God is unfair to him, he was ugly, but he also becomes, then, aFitFlops redWork will be a shadow, see, can’t touch. When will the lame blind fruit to eat, not a lame response. I always do not understand why the lame, the fruit to eat a healthy person can do? Today, I understand that the original gimp without effort. He only knew that he was too far away from success.Rokkit Pretty White Diamond Black Fitflop Sandals, and on the road is full of thorns; he only know that success is the peak, while the way of Dengfeng have too many precipices, so he gave up, gave up his become healthy people hope. Actually, it’s easy to success, as long as you have a strong will, sufficient confidence and unremitting efforts, success is always a day will belong to you.