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Keep a clear mind and sharp mind.
Morning, the morning sun has just faded the twilight of the night, my mother gave me a ride to school. At this time of the morning is busy, busy and somewhat chaotic. People on the street all look in a hurry, have a busy work, have rushed to send their children to school. Not only people busy, the car is also busy. A car like a loaded gun & ldquo; Shoop, Shoop & rdquo; speeding, riding a motorcycle, electric vehicles, or fear avoidance of bile battlefield with, or desperate to seize every opportunity to cross the street, the scene is really thrilling. Sitting in his mother’s car, a burst of autumn wind blowing my face, fresh meat, some of them feel. I shrunk to get closer to my mother, my face was on my mother’s back, and I enjoyed the warmth from her mother. To avoid a car and a car through the two streets, we finally went to the vicinity of the AJ securities, distance school about two hundred metres away, suddenly, I heard an explosion, followed by blowing from the soles of the feetWomen ietra Black WonderfulA chilly wind. & ldquo; what! & rdquo; I looked up looked round in surprise, then my mother put the car came to a stop, what did not happen like, very quietly to me said: & ldquo; when a tyre burst. & rdquo; & ldquo; the car broke down? & rdquo; look at the flat tire, a flurry of my brain & ldquo; without a car for me how to get to the school! Miserable, I want to be late. ” I didn’t ask to ask a question, my mother said “ you run to school. ” “ yes, no car. I have my feet. ” so, of course I ran. Along the way passers-by cast surprised eyes, but I don’t care so much, in my mind only one thought & ldquo; I can’t be late! & rdquo; finally went to school, I gasped came into the classroom, ha ha, I have been hanging heart finally put down.Hyker FitFlopIn the classroom students have not enough to half of it! I’m not late! This thing also let me know how to, life is like the way to school, midway will appear some sudden changes, have a single unflappable heart, keep sober mind and a keenBillow FitFlopThinking, will be able to remove obstacles continue to move forward. Keep a clear mind and sharp mind.

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I love Qinghai
My hometown is located in Qinghai, known as the &ldquo world;Buy FitFlops UKThe circle of ” the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is named for the Qinghai Lake. Here is the Pearl of the plateau Delingha, Gobi Metro Golmud, Dan Gar City Huangyuan, the summer capital Xining & hellip; & hellip; in many of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the specialty, the most worth mentioning & ldquo; do not eat not to know, forget to eat one & rdquo; barley. A year after the festival, farmers “Fitflop Lexx Navajo Brown Slippers For MenThe primary after screening barley seeds are sown. Nearly a month later, green shoots drilled out from the earth, and after a few days, again long two leaves, then green, then the fresh, it is delightful. Barley sticks to three or four inch long, do whistle with it, blowing out the sound crisp, crisp! To June, is highland barley out ear, just out of highland barley SuiEr hairy, press on the face rub, itch and comfortable. Until the end of seven, the barley spike has a homogeneous whole, green and tidy. A breeze blowing, the barley spike yaotouhuangnao, like a naughty child. At the beginning of August, barley is not fully mature, it is &ldquo to eat wheat meal; ” good time. You to the field to pick a few of the barley SuiEr and get home cooked, and then hand rub out the seeds with a dustpan to clean the skin to winnow and worn hands, mixed with cooked oil, onion, garlic, salt and other can eat. Eat a mouth to let people applaud, the taste is full of aroma, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Everyone loves the hometown of “ wheat rice’. To the autumn harvest season, golden fields, full of SuiEr, hung heavy barley rod. The farmers to pick one with both hands rub out the seeds, blowing, watching, watching, face irrepressible joy. The tension of the autumn harvestFitflops Lunetia Sandals Sale BlackAfter the end of the war, people busy the barley tied with walking tractor to hit the grind yard. After receiving position after a year of work until the end of the barley, economic value is very high, could be brewing, can also feed mill. I save a lot of wine, such as barley wine, barley, mutual head song god etc. are used in brewing barley. I love my hometown, but also love my hometown of highland barley, its simple and unadorned, rooted in the plateau, quiet dedication spirit is also reflected in the number of hard-working and simple people in Qinghai. I was a Qinghai man and proud! I love Qinghai