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I came out of the house.

School is the cradle of us, the home is our growth of greenhouse, face the home, we have too much to give up love, not words, but we must know that a home just Inn growth. Therefore, we must leave the full of the warm greenhouse, let the wind and rain hit our chest, lightning test we will!Floretta Fitflop 2014 Brown & RedMy first time out of the greenhouse, it was a Thursday night. Grandpa grandmother because of something out, then I do my homework at home, but when I finish work, they did not come! Here, I am anxious, I thought: to be in the usual, this time, my grandmother should take care of me to sleep ah! But this all along while, how still didn’t come back? At a time in the past, my restless heart.Hardloopschoenen ASICsAs if there are fifteen buckets of — — an unsettled state of mind. The notion of learning can eventually prevailed, I try my best to overcome heavy heart fear, trembling on the bed. Just close your eyes, eyes only see the dark side, think of the legendary &ldquo Hades; ”, terrifying. I hastened to use the quilt covering the forehead, the mind could not help but to emerge out of the & ldquo; Monsters & rdquo; horror picture, so stalemate for a long time, I still can’t sleep, head through don’t live broke out in a cold sweat, his eyesTrainers FitFlopsTo stare as big as an egg. At that moment, I suddenly remembered grandma said to me the word & mdash & mdash; and & ldquo; people in the world, there is no ghost, a ghost, not much is people to scare her! & rdquo; after a short silence, I suddenly see the light, to summon up the courage, close your eyes ~ until the morning of the second day, I surprised found himself has been able to sleep alone, sitting in my & ldquo; hi freaks & rdquo;, Grandpa and grandma into to earnestness said to me, & ldquo; therefore, you must believe in yourself. Only in this way can overcome their own! & rdquo; I hear, Sidongfeidong point nod ~ later, I gradually understand this sentence, it accompanies me to grow, until forever. Step out of the brave first step, out of their own greenhouse, is a better life! I came out of the house.