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Braun fly
[size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt]holle! [size=font-!FitFlop shoes uk cheapSize:10.5pt 10.5pt], I am a beautiful small Braun, I called you a desireAir Jordan Nike 4 HerrenWe also do not understand the big family? meetShoes FitFlopLet me introduce you to the introduction! [size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, our many types 10.5pt], common with sand lark, lark, horned lark, small sand Braun, spot Braun, Braun songs and melanocorypha mongolica etc.. We have a beautiful head with crest, mouth is small and conical, some kinds of long and slightly curved. There are often hanging feathers on the nose cover. Wings slightly long pointed wings tail is short, blunt trailing edge of tarsometatarsal, with peltate scales, claws are long and straight. Sand lark and Skylark can from the ground have sprung up, straight to the clouds in the sky keeps and, before and after the balance hung Cheung in a song. Horned lark often quietly on the ground running, or standing height peep around the movement, action is more subtle. The crested lark because the head is a cluster of straight into constitutes a single horn long black feather crest named, it naturally generous, like foraging on the road as if nobody is around. In the female brooding like other birds as easy to flush. We are the representative grassland birds, is a small songbird. Under the blue sky and white clouds in the vast expanse of prairie, green grass, often concentrate on playing even musicians to compose the music that we sing the song. When we fly from the ground, often the edge of the sound of singing, due to the high flying, people often only hear the sound, not its trace. [size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt] anyway, we not only the appearance of beautiful, lovely, our singing is also very beautiful, as soon as possible and we be friends! Braun fly