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The dream of Nanjing
Dream in the city of Nanjing Langya road elementary school six (6) Nanjing class Yuan Huilin, a and I be together morning and night city, a city with a long history, a vibrant city. But the city is not perfect. Now I’m here to talk to you about my dream of Nanjing. Every day, when I walk in the crossroads, see the & ldquo; Chinese over the road & rdquo; people are in the zebra listen guided audio are waiting at the traffic lights. People’s face is a peaceful expression, enjoy the forest like air, no longer see the present “ pig nose hoopero &rdqufitflop; mask. I comeJohn Lewis FitFlopsBy busMukluk sale FitFlopStation, platform screen told me the next class car and three minutes to arrive at, people on the platform is no longer to see a car and ran to the middle of the road to eagerly to hope. Got on a bus, due to road repair spacious, overpass is a even a, no longer a traffic jam phenomenon, the carriage with soft music, from time to time drifting fragrance. Looked out from the car, is no longer cold buildings, but eyeful green and businesses Linlang goods constitute a road beautiful scenery line, which is where the car, this is a flow of the viewing platform. Not a moment, I came to a vegetable market. There is no old dirty and messy, clean all kinds of vegetables are placed in the classification, people can freely carry out picking, pick the remaining food and fresh vegetables with a conveyor belt into a specialized processing district, such farms cannot see a piece of vegetable leaves, you can wear high-heeled shoes and white dress to buy vegetables. Don’t worry about the market to get your clothes dirty mud. Out of farms, came to a public plaza, the square is divided into several functional areas: one is the children’s world, in which children enjoy the play; a dynamic world, young people inside a sweat playing badminton. There is also a is a sunset to, old people playing here, practice calligraphy. The square is just like a big family, we are like one family to enjoy the happiness of a family union. This is my dream of Nanjing, do you like it? The dream of Nanjing

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Housing prices in China

China’s housing prices are too high to be higher, I have read a newspaper from the newspaper called “ Chinese people can buy a house after 66 years of age. ” I saw a big shock. China’s real estate prices since 1998 after the reform of the real estate market, all the way up. Especially after XX years, prices are soaring first to high prices is the population economic aggregation structure. When it comes to housing prices, most experts and commentators have ignored a decision to determine the level of the most basic factors, it is the population of crush boots FitFlop economic aggregation structure. Some people say that China has a large population, less arable land, so the price is high. In fact, this is very wrong. If 13 million Chinese people are living in rural areas, or even if there are 26 million Chinese people are living in rural areas, in any case, the price is not high. On the contrary, even if China has only one hundred million people, if more than 80% are polyFitFlops UK SaleSet in Shanghai, Beijing, the two largest city, the Chinese prices must be very high. Russia is sparsely populated, with a lot of arable land per capita, and the population has been decreasing since 1992, and that’s why the price of the house is also high.FitFlops AvonRussia’s population, especially the rich, has been gathering in large cities such as Moscow. China’s per capita arable land area of 140 acres, big agricultural exports Dutch area of farmland of average per capita only 0.84 mu, that the Netherlands why not crazy high prices?? the reason is that the Netherlands and other countries in Europe and America, medium-sized and small cities and small towns development is very good population did not too to a few big cities crowded. In a region, if used to live in the house is opposite less and for Industry and commerce estate many, it must have many of the working population to compete for a small housing here lead to higher prices and living space is small, such as Tokyo, Japan. On the contrary, if in a region, the house is used to live relatively excess, the price will not have been very high. So, I think, the aggregation structure of the population economy is the basic factor to determine the level of housing prices. Home ownership and home ownership, which is the two concepts. And Chinese want to do the home ownership, this year XX 20 years are very difficult to achieve. So we need to develop affordable housing, low rent housing is the home it. Housing prices in China