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Those years, silly me
Those memories of the childhood things, and now think of it, but also can not help but laugh. Although the stupid bubble, but also talked about. So, I can not help but fall into the memories & hellip; & hellip; remember that I was seven or eight years old, mother stewed white fungus soup for everyone to drink, she felt the tremella lotus seed soup sweet enough, so let me to add a spoonful of sugar. I hurried to the kitchen, suddenly, a loud snap, the bowl on the floor, broken down, soup. How can this be done? If you like this to cross it, the mother would be furious. So, I had an idea: I can do a ah! Said to do it, I first picked up the hot water, pour into a bowl, then put some sugar into, and finally to the refrigerator out: white fungus, lotus seeds, etc. everything into the bowl, ha ha, a bowl of white fungus soup ready, not very simple well, mission accomplished! “ in the end there is no good ah! Add a white sugar should be so slow. ” mother shouted in the living room. “ come on, come on. ” I repeatedly promised. So, I quickly took my fresh lotus seed soup to give mother a job. My mother took a bowl of a drink, face a bit wrongFiorella white FitFlopWell, said: “? How does it seem to be different? ” at this time my heart will panic, dare not look at the Fitflop Winkels Up To Discount 80% Off mother’s eyes. Mother saw my face, I knew it. She stared at me and asked, “what’s the matter with &ldquo?” Give me a clear! I stammered: ” “ this is because the &hellip …. & rdquo; mother listened to this words later, his face relaxed, anger will slowly disappear, said: & ldquo; you ah, even the way want to come out, I really admire you ah! &rdquWomens Black Sandals Fitflop Frou DishyO; I was scratching their heads while smiled and said: “ yes! Yes ah! ” those years of memories, and now suddenly appears to be precious. Unfortunately, we now, is never go back. Now, I am no longer the silly me. That silly me, can only live in my memory. Those years, silly me