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“Chinese dream, my dream”

Someone asked me: “ do you have a Chinese dream? What is your dream? ” I think; how can I be a Chinese? I will think of it. Chinese dream, my dream, my dream in the end is what? Since childhood, our parents often ask us “ what is your dream? ” but I always answer: “ do not know. ” but I know now. My dream is to be a doctor. Every time I see the doctor will stare at the doctor white, large white coats will want to be a doctor: the glory! Can rescue the wounded and rescue the people, so IWiki timberlandShen, Bian Que, Hua Tuo has been in shock, the doctor Regulus as his idol. This year’s people’s Congress of the new national leader XX said: “ what is the Chinese dream? I think that the completion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the Chinese modern times the greatest Chinese dream ” China dream, as the name suggests is the dream of all Chinese people. Indeed, before and now the change is too large, less cottage, more tall, before the dream of the most is not to let their families live a little better, so that their children a little better? But now, the quality of life is much better than before, but it is not satisfied with the present dream. Now, adults want most is to make more money, to make life a little better; the children want most is how to study better; soldiers want most is how to defend their motherland; and national leaders want most is how to benefit their people in the country and how to build their own country, and this why not we want? Although now than before the good quality of life, but also the necessary think, now also a thief, and some bad guys, they do harmPrice FitFlops Sale BestThings, and their appearance also disturbed the normal order of the state. But now the country should punish these people, so that our country will have a better tomorrow. And I’m a doctor, and I’m supposed to be2014 Bow Blue FitflopHelp those patients, for the benefit of the people around, for the benefit of our society! More for the community to contribute to a force of my. I hope my dream will come, and I hope that China will become stronger and stronger. “Chinese dream, my dream”