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Nature’s Revenge

This period of time, “ h7n9” avian influenza prevalence; in recent years, the emergence of PM2.5 so many people infected with respiratory and cardiovascular disease, or because of lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases and death. Why in recent years, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters have occurred more and more frequently? Why is this period of time continue to have new germs? This is human nature to revenge, you are human. When the river is polluted, people who drink the water will be hurt. When the water is polluted, the fish in the sea will also contain heavy metals and other chemical elements. The unreasonable excavation, denudating reclamation caused mudslides, environmental pollution caused by abnormal infant … … in the destruction of human nature also hurt human beings. We opinionated riders on the earth, in fact, the so-called technology in the face of nature simply cannot withstand a single blow. We in the wanton destruction of nature, whether the thought of nature will retaliate us? Dust storms, floods, drought, Taihu Lake … … when we complain about the disasterStylish Fitflop Rokkit Attractive Unique Deep Blue UniqueDifficult at the same time, have you ever thought about their own mistakes? We produce a lot of garbage every day, harm animals and plants, pollute the environment, destroy the ecological balance of … nature is angry, he used the wind, snow and drought, in retaliation for the human! This is the nature of the roar roar, this is the Revenge of nature! Why, why are humans so stupid? Nature has given us how many times of tolerance, how many times a warning? Why we only in retaliation after slightly awakening, even still unrepentant? We say that the fox cunning, tiger ferocious, the wolf greedy, but, the most cunning, the most brutal, the most greedy creatures, is not human itself? When the first polar bear drowned, when &ldquo &rdquo began; SARS; run amuck, when once over the Yangtze River dolphin ended in extinction, we should wake up! But it’s not too late to learn to be environmentally friendly. In order to save themselves, in order to stop the nature of revenge, please be aware of it, human!Electra black FitFlopNature’s Revenge