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The Chinese Dream
I asked my father what his dream, he said I want to fly. I want to fly. I really want to open my wings, straight into the sky, where you want to go, fly freely, flying chic. I want to fly to all parts of the country to see, enjoy the bright and colorful earth Xiongzhou charm; I want to fly over the boundless green prairie, see green grass and horses; listen to the melodious sound and happy songs; I want to fly to the vast expanse of the sea; in the cool the sea breeze, accompanied by white seagull, feel the taste of the waves against the toes; I want to fly to the natural simplicity of the countryside, feel relaxed and happy atmosphere; I want to fly to the capital Beijing, Deng solemnly majestic TianFitFlop sko DanmarkGate, climb the Great Wall of great momentum, quietly listen to the old stone China tells the story of the past. I want to fly to every corner of the world, to understand the local customs, the basic necessities of life. I want to fly highSilver FitFlopsThe top of the Eiffel Tower and the sacred Statue of Liberty overlooking New York, overlooking Paris, enjoy the bustling metropolis and romantic; I want to fly to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Egyptian pyramids was known to the world, to ask why they are so magical. I want to fly to Venice City, the water garden in Switzerland, to uniform a boat and enjoy a tour of the beautiful scenery, the unique scenery in the swim, I will fly to Yugoslavia have received the baptism of war, to the reconstruction of the China embassy, my highest respect and devotion to just heroes, to the indomitable, peace loving people say sincere greetings, offer a warm blessing. I want to fly to the vast universe, explore the mysteries of the planet. I want to see how many Jupiter log in, how much water mercury, Mars is much, Saturn can give us the soil to plant crops; I want to see the moon is not a mountain, water, life, the legend of the beautiful lonely moon and the lovely rabbit is not still waiting for; I want to see a manFitFlops for men saleThe work of artificial satellites, look for them in the orbit of the operation of space, to send them to cooperate with the partners, the exchange of friends. I will fly carefree, enjoy flying, will fly higher, fly farther, fly more exciting, but also to fly out of their own piece of heaven and earth. The Chinese Dream

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Stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities

Recently, I read a book, its name is “Chinese and foreign famous story”, as long as the time to let my father, mother and I read. This book tells the Chinese and foreign celebrities they are how to become useful, such as Mao Zedong, Hua Luogeng, and so on, I found that they had a great ambition when they were young. They can be successfulFitFlops MuklukThat is, four words &ldquo &rdquo God helps those who help themselves;. Einstein said: “ genius = 99% sweat +1% inspiration &rdquo, hard work is the only shortcut. The book tells us that there is no genius in the world, and only those who work hard will succeed. Yes, young scientist Chen Jingrun in China is very awkward, but he didn’t give up, hard to fill, finally the slow need to start early. became a great scientist. Since ancient times, a hard work, a harvest, each diligent people will be rewarded. Celebrities like the movie at all times and in all countries hard in my mind floating, such as: for hard smart, genius lies in the accumulation of. — &mdWomeFitFlop PAS CherNS FitFlops saleAsh; Hua Luogeng, nothing in the world is difficult to climb. — — Mao Zedong, who do not read the book is no future, no study of the nation is no future. — — XX, constantly learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have — — Golgi. And we must give yourself the task: first, learning, learning or learning is second, third — — Lenin, is a good example for us to learn, so I feel a genius from hard work! I’m not awestruck, for their own aspirations and hard study, “ time is money. ” how much time I wasted! Think now feel ashamed, we have such a good condition not to take advantage of &ldquo now; An idle youth a needy age ” ah! We should cherish every minute, every day, more diligent, good reading! I believe that as long as hard work, everyone is a genius! A (3) class Yu Yang Chinese and foreign celebrities story