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The happiest thing
Hello, my name is Zhu Bowen, I am a pupil at Lang small Tianrun city primary school the first grade. In September 1st XX officially became a Lang small pupil, however, in this year’s memory, let me the most happy the most happy thing, than my fellow teachers praise “I am a foreign student, before coming to Lang small, I was in a kindergarten on the south the famous city, the city is well-known, but the fact is not the education of Jiangsu Province, the two or three line of the city, two city on the importance of education is essentially the difference, plus, because parents work long-term need to travel, usually to my learning is better than other supervision the parents of students, leading to the final result, my little basic knowledge of cohesion homework is not ideal. Became the first grade students, my whole semester on the first grade class is dragged down, the total score is up, the teacher said in class I didn’t understand, can’t keep up with the progress, the teacher is hard, and I learn more difficult. At that time, I was humbled, ashamed, so in class, take the initiative to speak, lack of confidence, always afraid of the wrong answer, afraid the classmate joke, afraid of the teacher criticized, so last semester quick, very not easy to wait until the winter vacation. I thought it would be easier, but my mother knew that my foundation was not strong enough. I persisted in reviewing the lessons I learned every day during the vacation, practicing writing, and arranging some related papers every day. Unconsciously, the vacation is over, back to school, beginning the new semester study. What makes me and the teacher happy is that although I am not the best student in the class, I have made great progress in the new semester, and I have been praised and encouraged by the teachers all the timeFitFlop bootsI am confident, relaxed and happy learning than ever more, but most make me happy, or each language teacher and math teacher’s classroom praise, this is my greatest motivation, I can speak up, also can take the initiative to speak, no inferiority. Here, I want to thank my teachers family, is the teacher’s patience and gentle, is a grandfather and parents have repeatedly taught me a little progress today, I must persevere, do make teachers and family proud of the good student and children! Zhu Bowen this article address: httTwo01Four FitFlop Luna CoffeeP:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowenZalando timberland\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Two0Five806Three777.htm next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageThe happiest thing