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Those years, overwhelmed me

Time for the elderly do not wait for people, the rapid childhood away, leaving only youth and love. In the blink of an eye, I have been a socially successful. On one occasion, I walked into the luxury office, this is the first time I was scolded. I put on a long face, heart is very tangled: why? Why don’t you agree to set up a welfare home? Is it wrong to help those who have no children? You have to know that you have been an orphan ah! Was also adopted by good hearted people ah! Don’t you have a feeling? I was sitting in my office, looking at the ceiling, and I couldn’t help wondering: who am I? My future is good or bad? I’m a little confused. Shall I go on this career? Why do I have to be careful about everything? Is it the only thing to do? I start to lose myself. Those years, it must be so overwhelmed? I remember once, I completed a very important task assigned by the superior, I smoothly from other companies to get a lot of things. The boss doesn’t smile at all.2014 Fitflop Rock Sandals With Diamond Chic piecesI like Xu Shujin, Cao Ying — — pour over my heart like not to utter a single word, fiveFitFlops SilverSour, sweet, bitter, hot taste bottles, everything, because I feel that I should not do that, I was in front of a blur, the heart was touched. However, just shortly after the first time I trained, the boss’s face was like a monkey’s face — — change, this is my fall from heaven to hell, I was puzzled, why is this? My colleagues looked at my eyes also changed, from envy to contempt, from praise to ridicule, I lost my mind. Also, every success and failure of me, as if deep relationship with it, I to the manager from the staff, I spent a tremendous effort, as is the feel, the upper noble and beautiful, but did not expect the upper society more dirty than the lower social, ideological level is much lower class, I have to sigh — — alas! I regret that I grew up, I miss the good life of childhood! I wish I could go back. Those years, a bewildered me. Those years, I do not knowDamen FitFlopMeasure me