“Harvard Family motto”.
“Harvard Family motto” book — China dream my dream (· Gulou District first central primary school four (3) class Zhang Zi Qin) the teacher’s recommendation, I read the American Bernard wrote the “Harvard Family motto”. It consists of a small story, each story thoughLounge FitFlopShort, but contains abundant philosophy, interesting, so I feel very and lead a person to endless aftertastes, close, like a bright light to light up my heart, make me refreshed. I think these stories not only stimulate the multi angle of society and life, but also ignited my innermost wisdom spark. I read it again and again and again. The most impressive is the village postman Shivale, after a trip to a stone, it gave birth to an idea: “ if the use of these beautiful stones to build a castle, it would be wonderful ah! ” in order to achieveHerren FitFlopThis dream, in the next twenty years, he did not live a day of leisure time. During the day he was a postman and a transport stone toil night.Shoes outlet FitFlopHe’s an architect. He was a powerful and unconstrained style according to their own imagination to build your own castle. Finally, Chevalier spent more than and 20 years with his efforts unremittingly, built his dream castle. Now, the castle has become a famous scenic spot in France, its name is &ldquo, the ideal of the postman Shivale. ” when a stone of the dream, it is no longer a stone, no longer lying in the mud. A person must have a dream, but also have a down-to-earth, persistent efforts towards this goal, the dream will come true! I have a dream, deeply rooted in my heart. I hope there is no war, no hunger and poverty. The children all over the world can go to school happily, sing, dance and play games. The earth around the green mountains and rivers, we can also find the moon bright red blossoms and green willows, live on. Although I have no wisdom, this is far away from my dream, but I still wouldn’t give up. Only by continuous efforts, continuous learning, with a strong will, in order to overcome any difficulties, to achieve their dreams. My dream, China dream, look forward to an early realization of … … the “Harvard Family motto”.