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Mom, I love you

Mom, I love you, &ldquoFitFlop sko udsalgI love you ” the three simple words contain my love for my motherFitFlop ElectraWith gratitude. Today, I would like to use &ldquo, I love you ” three words to express my mother for more than ten years of parenting grace. I stood in the room, thinking how to say it, and when I plucked up my courage and walked up to my mother, I found my heart was beating so fast. Mom smiled and asked me, “&ldquo, what’s the matter?” ” I don’t know how to answer, the mind is very contradictory, say or not to say, in my mind thinking, when I looked up to see my smiling face, hurriedly shook his head, quickly ran back into the room and shut the door. I covered my heart and was afraid that it would jump out. I sat in the chair and thought of mother love for me for so many years; think of the mother to cook for me, &middot washing, · · · · ·; I don’t three simple words to say? So, I stood up, thinking about how to say, I can not help but practiced “ mother, all these years, you care about me, I don’t know how to repay, only to say that three not worth mentioning three words — — I love you. No, it’s disgusting. ” “ mum, I love you! No, it’s too easy. &rdquo just as I practiced again, the door was suddenly opened and my mother came in. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. And mother didn’t say anything, just holding me tight in my arms. Actually, I know Mom cries · · · &middoFitFlop Lulu saleT; · · then I realize that love is really simple, and it’s best to do it with your heart! I think a warm word, a slight action, can show love. Boys and girls, go ahead! Use your heart to thank your beloved parents! This article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Three1686Three7Three8Two.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMom, I love you