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Practice the Chinese dream”

XX in November 29th, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary XX led the new central collective leadership visit National Museum of China “ Renaissance road ” exhibition site. He defined “ Chinese dream ” — — achieve great rejuvenation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since modern times, and that this dream “ will be able to achieve ”. What is the dream? In the eyes of Deng Ya Ping, the dream is to adhere to the unyielding faith, as long as you work hard you will succeed. In Liu Xiang’s eyes, the dream is never give up, hard work spirit. In Song Zuying’s eyes, the dream is to sing, to the world opera power. These people have their own dreams, I am no exception. My dream is to be a good mathematician. Now I’m just a pupil, away from being a good mathematician.Dishy Womens Sandals Fitflop Black FrouFar worse. The first task is to study, I want to study well. Listen to the teacher carefully in class, finish the homework on time, after class, leave some time to read the extra books. Encountered any problems, we must first think, then ask teachers and students. At home, do some counseling practice, enhance extra-curricular knowledge, consolidate their foundation. Of course, good learning alone is not enough, the success of the road there will be many mathematical problems, when the solution does not come out, confidence can not be defeated, must be calm, carefully pondering, to believe that only strong confidence, are likely to succeed. To be successful, must also have a healthy body, away from the disease, so I decided to go out for a walk every night after, do exercise an hour a weekend afternoon, in the school physical education class, do broadcast gymnastics, martial arts and rope. Only in this way can we grow up healthily and live happily. Voltaire said: “ life is movement ”. The French writer Hugo, 40 years old suffering from heart disease. 80 years old before the end, what is the reason? Because he exercises every day. So, for my dream, I will study hard, bold innovation, seize the opportunity to show a new me, for the country and the society to contribute my modest! Let us act, to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, with their own actions to practice China dream!2014 Fitflop Grey Nine DiamondPractice the Chinese dream”

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My dream of the Chinese dream
My dream (Chinese dream) what is the dream? In MR Lu Xun’s eyes, the dream is the revolution, liberation of poor people in the eyes of all the kids, the dream is the fragrance of Roasted Duck, is the mother of 100 points, get Mom and dad smile, praise and reward. The embrace of children in Ya’anFitflop Arena Slide Tan NewHeart, dream is a warm home. In the eyes of Guo Jingjing, the dream is to adhere to the hearts of unyielding faith, as long as you work hard, you will succeed. In the hearts of the students, the dream is can get to dream every time, how beautiful words, I have a lot of dreams, when I saw the news about the country’s territorial dispute, my dream is to be a people’s Liberation Army, guarding the frontier of the motherland, let other countries dare to invade our country, our people can boarded the fishing island work in just ways; when Grandpa get sick when I saw Grandpa very painful, my dream is to be a doctor, let him away from the pain of torture; and when I look at the “blessing” of Ya’an TV program, where kids a pray for eyes, my dream is to me all the gift money to donate, I hope the money can help kids, school, house, have a meal; when I walk in the bustling street, see a lot of the disabled and the elderly begging on the street, I dream Is the largest executive as a welfare, let these people eat, there is room to live; and my dream is to let all the deaf people can listen to “ ” cheers, blind people can see “ ” to the beautiful Chinese, disabled friends walking &rdquo, “ “ &rdquo dance;. You can dream has always been with me, the dream is beautiful, it is the expectations of the most beautiful heart, so a dream come true has become our long-standing belief, a man with a dream is happy, a dream life is full of hope. May we have our dreams in childhood, regardless of you.Shoes women FitFlopWhat is the dream, your dream is how big, we will fight for their dreams. Nanjing University of Finances and Economics affiliated primary school 52 Li Jinhao Instructor: Cui teacher my dream of the Chinese dream

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Nature’s Revenge

This period of time, “ h7n9” avian influenza prevalence; in recent years, the emergence of PM2.5 so many people infected with respiratory and cardiovascular disease, or because of lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases and death. Why in recent years, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters have occurred more and more frequently? Why is this period of time continue to have new germs? This is human nature to revenge, you are human. When the river is polluted, people who drink the water will be hurt. When the water is polluted, the fish in the sea will also contain heavy metals and other chemical elements. The unreasonable excavation, denudating reclamation caused mudslides, environmental pollution caused by abnormal infant … … in the destruction of human nature also hurt human beings. We opinionated riders on the earth, in fact, the so-called technology in the face of nature simply cannot withstand a single blow. We in the wanton destruction of nature, whether the thought of nature will retaliate us? Dust storms, floods, drought, Taihu Lake … … when we complain about the disasterStylish Fitflop Rokkit Attractive Unique Deep Blue UniqueDifficult at the same time, have you ever thought about their own mistakes? We produce a lot of garbage every day, harm animals and plants, pollute the environment, destroy the ecological balance of … nature is angry, he used the wind, snow and drought, in retaliation for the human! This is the nature of the roar roar, this is the Revenge of nature! Why, why are humans so stupid? Nature has given us how many times of tolerance, how many times a warning? Why we only in retaliation after slightly awakening, even still unrepentant? We say that the fox cunning, tiger ferocious, the wolf greedy, but, the most cunning, the most brutal, the most greedy creatures, is not human itself? When the first polar bear drowned, when &ldquo &rdquo began; SARS; run amuck, when once over the Yangtze River dolphin ended in extinction, we should wake up! But it’s not too late to learn to be environmentally friendly. In order to save themselves, in order to stop the nature of revenge, please be aware of it, human!Electra black FitFlopNature’s Revenge

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“Chinese dream, my dream”

Someone asked me: “ do you have a Chinese dream? What is your dream? ” I think; how can I be a Chinese? I will think of it. Chinese dream, my dream, my dream in the end is what? Since childhood, our parents often ask us “ what is your dream? ” but I always answer: “ do not know. ” but I know now. My dream is to be a doctor. Every time I see the doctor will stare at the doctor white, large white coats will want to be a doctor: the glory! Can rescue the wounded and rescue the people, so IWiki timberlandShen, Bian Que, Hua Tuo has been in shock, the doctor Regulus as his idol. This year’s people’s Congress of the new national leader XX said: “ what is the Chinese dream? I think that the completion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the Chinese modern times the greatest Chinese dream ” China dream, as the name suggests is the dream of all Chinese people. Indeed, before and now the change is too large, less cottage, more tall, before the dream of the most is not to let their families live a little better, so that their children a little better? But now, the quality of life is much better than before, but it is not satisfied with the present dream. Now, adults want most is to make more money, to make life a little better; the children want most is how to study better; soldiers want most is how to defend their motherland; and national leaders want most is how to benefit their people in the country and how to build their own country, and this why not we want? Although now than before the good quality of life, but also the necessary think, now also a thief, and some bad guys, they do harmPrice FitFlops Sale BestThings, and their appearance also disturbed the normal order of the state. But now the country should punish these people, so that our country will have a better tomorrow. And I’m a doctor, and I’m supposed to be2014 Bow Blue FitflopHelp those patients, for the benefit of the people around, for the benefit of our society! More for the community to contribute to a force of my. I hope my dream will come, and I hope that China will become stronger and stronger. “Chinese dream, my dream”

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Imagine China dream
The best -fitflop clogs sale—- China mayor imagination dream for the future of Nanjing, is a city where a riot of colours, people live and work in peace, the flowers flourish, is no longer a heavy traffic on the roadNew Fitflop Frou Flower Sandals Amazing PurpleCity.Wrinkle Up Fitflop Electra Strata Tiger Eye GorgeousThe city is full of the car horn sound is not noisy, but people laughing, people happy. So much change, thanks to who? He is me, the following, I will introduce you to me every day. I just took office, the most serious pollution in Nanjing, which is the most obvious noise pollution, I came to the city center, to be a “ traffic police ”. I looked around and saw a red, almost hit another car, but he did not realize his mistake, but also to the victims of “ ” “ shouted. What’s wrong with you? Get out of here! ” “ this sentence should be I say it! ” victims of the owner of the road. They argued endlessly, so many owners can not go straight ahead and mad at the speaker, so that caused serious noise pollution. I quickly stepped forward to “ group ”. “ please do not have two masters in this debate, this will cause the impact of others, but also cause noise pollution. ” they see me is the mayor apologized, … … I went to Xuanwu Lake, it is now not the original have experienced years of wind and frost, the graceful way. I called the people to maintain and greening, and personally to the street grant proposal, two months later, the Xuanwu Lake and the &rdquo “ youth. So busy living every day, in the end, I saw a return: Nanjing is now a new look, everything is full of vitality. A down from the plane, the air is so transparent, as if one can see the green bird in the dance; Xuanwu Lake fish shuttle in the green leaf, can not help but feel good. Nanjing really changed, become so beautiful, people boast that I was the best mayor ever. My name is Feng Yifan. Imagine China dream

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Those years, silly me
Those memories of the childhood things, and now think of it, but also can not help but laugh. Although the stupid bubble, but also talked about. So, I can not help but fall into the memories & hellip; & hellip; remember that I was seven or eight years old, mother stewed white fungus soup for everyone to drink, she felt the tremella lotus seed soup sweet enough, so let me to add a spoonful of sugar. I hurried to the kitchen, suddenly, a loud snap, the bowl on the floor, broken down, soup. How can this be done? If you like this to cross it, the mother would be furious. So, I had an idea: I can do a ah! Said to do it, I first picked up the hot water, pour into a bowl, then put some sugar into, and finally to the refrigerator out: white fungus, lotus seeds, etc. everything into the bowl, ha ha, a bowl of white fungus soup ready, not very simple well, mission accomplished! “ in the end there is no good ah! Add a white sugar should be so slow. ” mother shouted in the living room. “ come on, come on. ” I repeatedly promised. So, I quickly took my fresh lotus seed soup to give mother a job. My mother took a bowl of a drink, face a bit wrongFiorella white FitFlopWell, said: “? How does it seem to be different? ” at this time my heart will panic, dare not look at the Fitflop Winkels Up To Discount 80% Off mother’s eyes. Mother saw my face, I knew it. She stared at me and asked, “what’s the matter with &ldquo?” Give me a clear! I stammered: ” “ this is because the &hellip …. & rdquo; mother listened to this words later, his face relaxed, anger will slowly disappear, said: & ldquo; you ah, even the way want to come out, I really admire you ah! &rdquWomens Black Sandals Fitflop Frou DishyO; I was scratching their heads while smiled and said: “ yes! Yes ah! ” those years of memories, and now suddenly appears to be precious. Unfortunately, we now, is never go back. Now, I am no longer the silly me. That silly me, can only live in my memory. Those years, silly me

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The dream of Nanjing
Dream in the city of Nanjing Langya road elementary school six (6) Nanjing class Yuan Huilin, a and I be together morning and night city, a city with a long history, a vibrant city. But the city is not perfect. Now I’m here to talk to you about my dream of Nanjing. Every day, when I walk in the crossroads, see the & ldquo; Chinese over the road & rdquo; people are in the zebra listen guided audio are waiting at the traffic lights. People’s face is a peaceful expression, enjoy the forest like air, no longer see the present “ pig nose hoopero &rdqufitflop; mask. I comeJohn Lewis FitFlopsBy busMukluk sale FitFlopStation, platform screen told me the next class car and three minutes to arrive at, people on the platform is no longer to see a car and ran to the middle of the road to eagerly to hope. Got on a bus, due to road repair spacious, overpass is a even a, no longer a traffic jam phenomenon, the carriage with soft music, from time to time drifting fragrance. Looked out from the car, is no longer cold buildings, but eyeful green and businesses Linlang goods constitute a road beautiful scenery line, which is where the car, this is a flow of the viewing platform. Not a moment, I came to a vegetable market. There is no old dirty and messy, clean all kinds of vegetables are placed in the classification, people can freely carry out picking, pick the remaining food and fresh vegetables with a conveyor belt into a specialized processing district, such farms cannot see a piece of vegetable leaves, you can wear high-heeled shoes and white dress to buy vegetables. Don’t worry about the market to get your clothes dirty mud. Out of farms, came to a public plaza, the square is divided into several functional areas: one is the children’s world, in which children enjoy the play; a dynamic world, young people inside a sweat playing badminton. There is also a is a sunset to, old people playing here, practice calligraphy. The square is just like a big family, we are like one family to enjoy the happiness of a family union. This is my dream of Nanjing, do you like it? The dream of Nanjing

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Housing prices in China

China’s housing prices are too high to be higher, I have read a newspaper from the newspaper called “ Chinese people can buy a house after 66 years of age. ” I saw a big shock. China’s real estate prices since 1998 after the reform of the real estate market, all the way up. Especially after XX years, prices are soaring first to high prices is the population economic aggregation structure. When it comes to housing prices, most experts and commentators have ignored a decision to determine the level of the most basic factors, it is the population of crush boots FitFlop economic aggregation structure. Some people say that China has a large population, less arable land, so the price is high. In fact, this is very wrong. If 13 million Chinese people are living in rural areas, or even if there are 26 million Chinese people are living in rural areas, in any case, the price is not high. On the contrary, even if China has only one hundred million people, if more than 80% are polyFitFlops UK SaleSet in Shanghai, Beijing, the two largest city, the Chinese prices must be very high. Russia is sparsely populated, with a lot of arable land per capita, and the population has been decreasing since 1992, and that’s why the price of the house is also high.FitFlops AvonRussia’s population, especially the rich, has been gathering in large cities such as Moscow. China’s per capita arable land area of 140 acres, big agricultural exports Dutch area of farmland of average per capita only 0.84 mu, that the Netherlands why not crazy high prices?? the reason is that the Netherlands and other countries in Europe and America, medium-sized and small cities and small towns development is very good population did not too to a few big cities crowded. In a region, if used to live in the house is opposite less and for Industry and commerce estate many, it must have many of the working population to compete for a small housing here lead to higher prices and living space is small, such as Tokyo, Japan. On the contrary, if in a region, the house is used to live relatively excess, the price will not have been very high. So, I think, the aggregation structure of the population economy is the basic factor to determine the level of housing prices. Home ownership and home ownership, which is the two concepts. And Chinese want to do the home ownership, this year XX 20 years are very difficult to achieve. So we need to develop affordable housing, low rent housing is the home it. Housing prices in China

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Today I Liantan
At noon today, the school to sell the oldGel-Stratus Asics 2.1 HerrenBook activities, I happily took my extra-curricular books to sell. Before the start, I at lightning speed to find a stall. When I set a good book, I cried out loud: “ sell books! Sell books! ” after a while, I did not sell a book, and other vendors have put a thick book into a thin bank note. I began to be a little anxious, afraid to sell, I thought: or I will change a way. Yes, I took to buy a new pen in one hand, a hand with the four books shaking shouted: & ldquo; loss on sale, buy a book to send a pen core. ” one after another to buy books, but in order to increaseUK online FitFlopFlow of books, I also carried out to buy a book to send a pen core, three books sent a notebook activities. Pays off, I sold six books were looted. One of the teachers and I bargain, he said: “ young man, how much is this book? How about five yuan? ” I thought for a while, said: “ this book but my collection, at least ten yuan to sell it! ” “ then I’ll go and buy it! ” the teacher said with an air of dignity. I confidently told him: “ after this village, but not this shop. If you really want to add a little, seven yuan. ” in the end, the teacher hesitated for a moment and finally bought the book. At that time, I was very happy, because this is my first time to sell books to earn money, their own business feeling really good! I sold the book to &ldquo &rdquo book; flea; stroll around in a circle. I saw the place where books are all kinds of each TanQian are huge crowds of people! Although we are against the sun, but still passionate, bookstall, shouts and laughter drowned out everything. I have seen the book that I have always wanted to read, and I have chosen a few. “; … … ”For sale FitFlopThe bell is ringing, the class is over, the book conference is over. I am still reluctant to part, continue next year! Refueling, the next time we must sell a little more, let us come together. L today I Liantan

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Braun fly
[size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt]holle! [size=font-!FitFlop shoes uk cheapSize:10.5pt 10.5pt], I am a beautiful small Braun, I called you a desireAir Jordan Nike 4 HerrenWe also do not understand the big family? meetShoes FitFlopLet me introduce you to the introduction! [size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, our many types 10.5pt], common with sand lark, lark, horned lark, small sand Braun, spot Braun, Braun songs and melanocorypha mongolica etc.. We have a beautiful head with crest, mouth is small and conical, some kinds of long and slightly curved. There are often hanging feathers on the nose cover. Wings slightly long pointed wings tail is short, blunt trailing edge of tarsometatarsal, with peltate scales, claws are long and straight. Sand lark and Skylark can from the ground have sprung up, straight to the clouds in the sky keeps and, before and after the balance hung Cheung in a song. Horned lark often quietly on the ground running, or standing height peep around the movement, action is more subtle. The crested lark because the head is a cluster of straight into constitutes a single horn long black feather crest named, it naturally generous, like foraging on the road as if nobody is around. In the female brooding like other birds as easy to flush. We are the representative grassland birds, is a small songbird. Under the blue sky and white clouds in the vast expanse of prairie, green grass, often concentrate on playing even musicians to compose the music that we sing the song. When we fly from the ground, often the edge of the sound of singing, due to the high flying, people often only hear the sound, not its trace. [size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt][size=font-size:10.5pt, 10.5pt] anyway, we not only the appearance of beautiful, lovely, our singing is also very beautiful, as soon as possible and we be friends! Braun fly

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