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Stories of Chinese and foreign celebrities

Recently, I read a book, its name is “Chinese and foreign famous story”, as long as the time to let my father, mother and I read. This book tells the Chinese and foreign celebrities they are how to become useful, such as Mao Zedong, Hua Luogeng, and so on, I found that they had a great ambition when they were young. They can be successfulFitFlops MuklukThat is, four words &ldquo &rdquo God helps those who help themselves;. Einstein said: “ genius = 99% sweat +1% inspiration &rdquo, hard work is the only shortcut. The book tells us that there is no genius in the world, and only those who work hard will succeed. Yes, young scientist Chen Jingrun in China is very awkward, but he didn’t give up, hard to fill, finally the slow need to start early. became a great scientist. Since ancient times, a hard work, a harvest, each diligent people will be rewarded. Celebrities like the movie at all times and in all countries hard in my mind floating, such as: for hard smart, genius lies in the accumulation of. — &mdWomeFitFlop PAS CherNS FitFlops saleAsh; Hua Luogeng, nothing in the world is difficult to climb. — — Mao Zedong, who do not read the book is no future, no study of the nation is no future. — — XX, constantly learning, you know everything. The more you know, the more power you have — — Golgi. And we must give yourself the task: first, learning, learning or learning is second, third — — Lenin, is a good example for us to learn, so I feel a genius from hard work! I’m not awestruck, for their own aspirations and hard study, “ time is money. ” how much time I wasted! Think now feel ashamed, we have such a good condition not to take advantage of &ldquo now; An idle youth a needy age ” ah! We should cherish every minute, every day, more diligent, good reading! I believe that as long as hard work, everyone is a genius! A (3) class Yu Yang Chinese and foreign celebrities story