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Chinese dream, my dream
Chinese dream, my dream, a center of Gulou District, NanjingFitFlop sko udsalgPrimary school class 1Five Pack sheen open “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea”, I with a curious heart, and Book masters ride together Nautilus submarine. Began a legendary undersea journey. Go around the Pacific Ocean, India ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean, met many rare sea animals and plants, and the cave, tunnel and site etc.. Let me know a lot about science, culture and geography, geology, especially the refraction of light, the classification of pearls, the construction of submarines…… These things have now become a reality, I admire the imagination of the author, but can not yet invented the light of the society, the future of the world, the science and the story, and create a magical underwater world. Nautilus captain is an enigma, his character is gloomy, knowledgeable. He can repay tens of billions of French bonds; see friends will die silent tears; will put millions of gold to the poor people will accept all the land; disgust; will pocket full of pearls for poor pearler; avoid humans, performed terrible revenge…… The captain had a deep-seated mistrust of mankind, and his heart was full of suffering, but a kind man. At the time of the Antarctic’s lack of oxygen, there was only a breath of air in the tanks of the diving suits, and they almost collapsed because of the lack of air. The captain did not take the last breath of air, but instead left the opportunity for survival to the professor. His actions moved me for the sake of other people’s lives. In the story tells us, in the science and technology for the benefit of mankind at the same time, but also should pay attention to prevent from being used, harm human own crisis behavior. We should take good care of seals, whales and other marine creatures, condemned the killing of over exploitation of the phenomenon. The contents of the book also tells us that nothing is impossible, only unexpected, only then have a certain scientific background, it may have come from reality or higher than the actual phenomenon, not just science fiction or fantasy. And even thinkFitFlops UK best priceNo image, no purpose, no direction, no progress. This article address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xiaoxuezuowen\/xxynj\/1Four1Two106ThreeFiveThree1Four677771ThreeThree0.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeGorgeous, Wrinkle, Up, Fitflop, Electra, Strata, Tiger, EyeFourFivenext pageChinese dream, my dream