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Thanksgiving motherland

FitFlop bootThankful actually everyone has a mother of two, one is that we keep our mother, another is the great motherland. As the saying goes: &ldqFitFlop HerrenUo; Tu, when yongquan. ” leaves in the air with its graceful dancing tree to repay the upbringing of the air; the white clouds drift out of body painting with moving pictures feeding gratitude to the sky; it is the ancestors with their blood to return to the motherland, to defend the motherland. Thanksgiving is the basic principle of life, the community is due to Thanksgiving has become more beautiful, people are grateful for the return of Thanksgiving, the world is so grateful because of the busy. Thanksgiving in some people’s hearts is a simple word, and some people can not complete a lifetime. When I was young, my parents told me: the map like Golden Rooster place is our motherland, the motherland is a warm family, is our common mother. She owns the Yangtze River, the Great Wall, and miles. Later, I also know that the compass, gunpowder, papermaking, printing and other great inventions are a masterpiece of China, so I am proud of their motherland. Later, I saw one by one to serve the motherland and glorious sacrifice you warriors in the book: fear of Huang Jiguang, Liu Hulan ningsibuqu, Humen beach Lin Zexu „ „ all brave image was reflected in my heart. In my heart also decided to become pillars like them to serve the motherland. Do you love your country? Please answer with your proudest voice. In fact, the love of the motherland is a cry to be able to express it? Of course not. There’s real action. So, now we have to Study hard, make greater efforts to serve the motherland. At home do not eat a ready-cooked meal, clothing to hand the little emperor princess. Learning should also be more diligent, for our goalCatching Women Black Fiorella. Yesterday, the Chinese dragon, the ancestors of the dance, and today’s eastern sun, ancestors have been raised, then tomorrow’s Dragon who will dance? Who will come tomorrow? We! We are growing up in the Republic of China’s youth, we will shoulder the great trust, the fathers of national hope, become a new generation of descendants of the motherland Thanksgiving!